Early Spring Landscape

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


This is another iPhone image. I find that the iPhone handles extremes of light in an interesting way — actually, at times, better than my DSLRs. This scene was taken on a bright spring day. I love how rhododendrons, which never lose their leaves, dance through trees that are still resting or just beginning to sprout. This image is intentionally on the high-key side.

Specific Feedback

I’m not sure what to do with the tree trunk on the right. I’m thinking, perhaps, of just pulling it in a little bit more but not eliminating it. Eliminating it is an option but I’d have to adjust my seeing of it! I’d like some opinions on what to do with it. Thanks.

Technical Details

iPhone 13 Pro Max; 37mm equivalent lens; ISO 32, f/1.8, 1/390 sec

I love how intricate this is, while still having a distinct point of interest with the thicker tree in the center-left. I can rest my eye there, then go off to explore the details in some new part of the image. I’ve tried so many times to capture temperate forest scenes like this, and never pulled it off.

Personally I like the way the trunk on the right gives some balance to the image.

Thanks, Dan! I appreciate that feedback. I agree about the balance (I’ve tried taking it out and the image doesn’t feel anchored then). I wonder if darkening the trunk would help. I’ll try that.

Hi Susanna
This really caught my eye. Mostly because it is a black and white image of a forest, something I don’t see a lot of. There seems to be order here, not chaos like in my forest images. I think the softer background really helps.
I’m unsure about the trunk on the right. It is a dark anchor which is nice. I might have cropped it out but am not sure.
I love this

Thanks so much, Mark! Yes, I’m still deliberating about that trunk. I may make an adjustment in a day or so and repost.

Lovely scene! (My kind of forest!!) But I’m not in love with the DOF or the fine BG detail. The trunk is a quandary for me. I might try lightening it so it blends more with the scene.

Thanks, Diane! I agree by the crunchy background. I may be able to soften that effect (something that can happen with the iPhone in strong light).And, yes, that tree trunk is challenging. I’m going to try both lightening and darkening, and whatever else I can think of to make it work!

Hi Susanna,
The B&W conversion along with the high key look in this woodland scene has created a wonderful airy mood which I find very inviting and draws me into the image beautifully. The tree along the right edge bothers me a little also. What do you think about cropping it off? I find the center part of the image the most interesting so I did a rework. I hope you do not mind. This might not be your vision for this, but here is what I was thinking. Just my opinion of course.

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Ed, thanks so much for considering this option. I do appreciate it. As you said, I’m not sure that it is quite my vision for it, but you’ve given me an idea for dealing with the trunk! It will be a compromise.