Earth's Shadow

This is the only time I’ve ever seen it like this.

Specific Feedback Requested

All comments are welcome.

Technical Details

10sec ISO100. Probably my Rokinon 14mm so I’m not sure of the f stop.


Wonderful do not change a thing

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Thanks for the comment Steve.

Beautiful scene with nice exposure… there is some radiating and pixelating in the sky, either pushed too much or jpeg compression.

Thanks Dan. Yes, I noticed it in the jpeg. I shot in Raw and the Tiff is good in LR. Maybe 72 pi/inch is not working out with the gradient. I’ll see if 96 works.

I think the extra compression is coming from the NPN algorithm. I’m not seeing the pixilation on my FB post.

I like the colors and the lines. The little starburst effect around the moon is a nice touch

Andre this is sensational. Love the colors and the fantastic light. The pixelation may be due to the algorithms here. No worries, it’s still an awesome image.

Pretty nice capture here Andre! I normally don’t like big empty skies but it works here.

I agree Matt
I think it is the awesome color harmony that works so well

Hi Andre,
This is a beautiful scene and I’m sure it was is even more beautiful in person. I see why you took the picture.
I don’t understand why you’re not sure what lens was used, or the f/stop? My guess of f/stop is something large because you captured a starburst and that typically means a small aperture (large f/stop).
That said I would have preferred to see only about 1/2 of the sky, cropping down to just above the tallest mountain, or better yet, filling the frame with the mountains and s curve of the water so more detail of the terrain is discernable.
When enlarge the photo it looks very soft and lacks detail.

@David_Bostock @Richard_Duckworth @Matt_Payne @Steve_Rosendahl @GEGJr Thanks for the comments.
@GEGJr I shot this with my Sony a7r using a non-native lens. The camera doesn’t record the metadata of the name and f/stop. This was in 2015 and I had a couple of wide angle non-native lenses I was trying at the time. The Rokinon is a pretty decent lens and is quite sharp for the price. Most likely I shot this at f/16.
The foreground has lots of detail that’s been lost via the upload algorithm, The hill’s not sharp since the Atlantic Ocean, which is just off to the left is kicking up lots of spray. You can see more of this glow effect with the distant hills on the right.

Hi Andre,
Thanks for responding. I understand that for all the advantages of modern digital cameras they don’t do well recording non-standard lens settings or even non-proprietary lens settings, (eg my Sony A99M2 and A77M2 don’t record Tamron lens data consistent to how Lightroom-classic does). That said, that is why I still use a technique from the film days when shooting landscape; I carry a notebook for recording shooting data and special circumstances that might be pertinent.

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Beautiful composition! Love the leading lines with the water. Well done!

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Gorgeous!! I usually don’t care for negative space but this one absolutely works for me! I think the lovely gradient in the sky provides enough detail and balance. A beautiful composition and the starburst on the moon is a lovely touch!

I don’t think it’s the earth’s shadow, though, but crepuscular rays from clouds over the horizon. The earth’s shadow is parallel to the horizon and opposite the sun. Spectacular, though, whatever the cause!

Thanks for the comments and the correction Diane. It was a sight to behold. I was shooting with a friend of mine who knows more about these types of events than myself. He came up with the explanation since I’d never seen anything like it before. I’ve been calling it Earths Shadow for about 7 years now. Time for a new name :slight_smile:

I missed this one, so I’m late and keep my comments short :wink:
Wonderful image. Without the moon, there would be too much negative space for me, but I love it as it is presented now. The moon is a nice balance for the FG. Great capture.

Your Rokinon, by the way, is a good lens (as confirmed e.g. by the tests of Opticallimits, and sold under various names. I have the Samyang version. The f-stop is not controlled electronically, so there is no info about the aperture in the EXIF.
With f/16 and such a short focal length there will be some quality loss due to diffraction, but there will still be lots of detail in the landscape, if focussed properly.

Thanks for the comments Han.

Great image! As others have mentioned, I am seeing some banding in the sky, and maybe a halo over the mountain on the left (if so, it’s very slight). Awesome image.

Thanks for the comments Mark.