Eider Wing Flap

Photographed this cold morning on Cape Cod Canal - a Common male Eider

Specific Feedback Requested

Anything really - position of head, wings, exposure, color contrast

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No

A great pose, Karl. I like the bow wave as well and the eye contact looks good. Exposure is right on with lots of detail in the breast. Very good.

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I also like the pose. With the wings up and the breast pushing the water out, it is different from the more common shots.

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Nice look at this Eider. Pleasing wing position. I do think lowering the highlights by perhaps 1/4 stop might bring out a little more detail. But I think in general you did a good job.

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I like how the wings frame the head. Detail looks good and the water action is a nice addition. All these eider shots are making us westerners jealous.

Anybody is welcome this east side - I will be glad to take to the spot and thanks @Allen_Brooks

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Unique and wonderful! Fantastic colors and lovely detail.

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This is pretty awesome. Great light, love the wing flap, and the exposure looks spot on. As soon as I saw this, though, it screamed out (to me, at least) for a curves adjustment. What do you think of the below?

Great idea - I might try this more on the bird than on the water - thanks @Lyle_Gruby

Glad you like the edit. I actually think you could go a bit darker on the darks than I did there.