Eye of the Storm

Dail Baig, Lewis, Scotland

In all honesty I waited at this location with a small group of photographers with all but abandoned hope. A gap on the horizon was clearly visible for the sun to drop through but after 3/4 of an hour with incessant rain and hail hope was in short supply. The sea was monstrous, you could almost feel the coast shudder under the impact of the gigantic waves and plumes of spray 100 feet high burst over the cliffs on either side of this narrow west coast bay. Truly it was an awesome sight, so we waited and were eventually rewarded with sensational backlighting that lasted all of a minute before an almighty deluge of biblical proportions literally wiped us out, double rainbows in golden sunlight adding to our torment.

Very beautiful yellow-orange hue and blends with the stormy waves perfectly. I find the rock in the center a little too big. I like its texture and sun reflection on its right side but its left side is a little dull and over-weights that wonderful sky-sea glow.