Family Portrait

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The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


We saw lots of monkeys on our trip to Jim Corbett NP in India. Lots of deer and cool birds also. On our final safari we had 3 tiger sightings which was really exciting! This is my favorite photo from the trip so far.

Specific Feedback

Anything I need to do to improve this image?

Technical Details

Nikon D810, ISO 5000, 350mm 1/2500sec @ f/6.3

This is very touching. I love the expressions and how they are clinging together and the direct looks. The little one looks so worried about something. Soft light, too. A terrific portrait.

Thank you Kristen! This was just after sunrise so the light was nice. I was hoping for the soft light and a close tiger sighting but that’s probably like winning the lottery.

Beautifully captured !
I just love the contrast of expressions on their faces, young monkey thinks, you are holding a gun, not the camera.

Hi Glenn :slight_smile:

This is a terrific capture in all regards!
The tree trunk at an angle like it is, is a major plus in my view.
The concerned and uncertain look on the young one is likely offset by mom’s reassuring embrace.

Have you tried doing a vertical crop for more of a traditional portrait look?
And maybe even doing a bit of additional blurring of the BG might make the pair stand out even more. :slight_smile:
Just a thought.

Very nice image, Glenn!

Thanks Merv and Jagdeep! Merv I will try your suggestions. I think additional blurring of the background could work nicely and I’ll keep it in mind on my other photos. Thanks for the tip

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I also like the pose, expresion of the monkies very much and how the subjects stand out from the background. I may have tried as well an vertical crop.

This is an image that caught my eye among the thumbnails immediately. The two monkeys stand out beautifully, and because the eyes are totally in focus, they shine as they usually do. The DOF to me is good enough so all attention goes to those facial expressions. I’m not a fan of blurring or any major changes to a photo, and to me the photo doesn’t need it at all, so well done!