Final Bucks

Nikon D500. Nikon 200-400. ISO 500, F5.6, 1/800

This will be my final post of the bucks from last fall’s rut. These two were fighting and then they took a brief pause for what looks like a portrait shoot. I darkened the background a bit and left some space for the virtual legs on the bottom. NR in LR. I liked this one since you rarely get two bucks together for a shot like this.

Comments and critiques please. Thanks for the input on the last few buck images.

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

A very nice pair of poses, Andrew. I love the light on the bucks, but the shadows seem too dark for my taste, both in the background and on the buck to our left.

Dennis, thanks for the thoughts. This version has a bit lighter background and no overall vignette on the edges. Throat on the buck on the left slightly lighter. Better ??

I do like the feel of this version better, Andrew. Nice work on the adjustments.

It doesn’t look like they were fighting :sunglasses:
I do find the second version better.