It appears to be orange slate. It’s intermixed with the normal slate so I think they’re ‘related’. I’m finding endless fascinating combinations of shapes and colors in this one area. This is just one of several I plan to post. I suppose it looks like the cliffs of Arizona. But these ‘cliffs’ are only 3 inches high. Today is a rainy day so I took a break from photography and decided to process. Slate rock, I’ve discovered, doesn’t look that great when wet.

Let me know what you think. The composition is a bit unorthodox but I feel good about it.

GFX50R, 45-100mm, focus stacked


This is beautiful, Igor. I love the depth of field. The edge running down the center really stands out. I think I could reach out, touch the photo and feel the edges. The color is amazing. The detail is fantastic. What’s not to like about this photo. Great job!!!

I like that it is all about the lines, form, and texture (to me anyway). Lots of nice detail to explore. The composition sits well with me.

Igor, I just find this amazing. I can imagine that from wat ever angle you photograph this ,you find another peace of art. So well made !!

Wow - the fine texture in this when I view it at full size is just amazing! The colors are wonderful. At a smaller size, I think the composition of the larger shapes is well-balanced. The only thing I wonder about is whether the LL corner introduces a little bit of tension because it feels to me like everything is balancing on that point. I’m not sure that tension is a bad thing since it adds some dynamism to the composition - it’s just something I notice.

Tremendous three dimensional feeling I get with this Igor. The textures, when blown up large are phenominal. It almost looks like petrified wood with all the grain going on. The color looks rich without being too warm and the light you shot this in was nice and soft, with no harsh highlights or shadows. The composition works well enough for me but I definitely feel like there is tremedous weight on that little tiny piece of rock in the LLC that has to hold this entire image up. The crack coming from the LRC helps to mitigate the feeling that this rock will topple over on it’s right side. It’s almost like a prop and I think that saves the composition which is well thought out. I like that there are no cracks or lines exiting directly in the corners. Well done. I think this is exceptional as is.


Well, that was pretty much my reaction. This could easily be an aerial image over the canyonlands of AZ or UT. The main 2/3 of the image is like an alluvial plain where it all abruptly ends at the cliffs - which might display mighty waterfalls during the monsoon season…

But alas, it’s only 3" slate… :slight_smile: But it’s fabulous! As mentioned already, the texture and details are amazing as are the colors throughout.

There’s one thing though that I’m unable to resolve visually. And that is the long triangle that occupies the URC, extending downward. A line is created between what appear to be two different planes of slate - my guess is the triangle on the right is “below” the main slate feature? I don’t know if it’s creating tension for me, or if any continuity is disrupted. The good news anyway is that the colors, textures and even the graphic nature of the image holds it all together in a very pleasing way.

Looking forward to more from this area and your trip.


Yes I know what you mean. I’m thinking that the tension is due to thinking about it as a level below the ‘cliffs’. Perhaps my fault for suggesting these cliffs. My thought was that this would simply be an abstract with shapes, lines, and colors. That’s why I took such liberties with the colors. However, even if you take it that way does the wedge feel balanced with the major shape? I guess I’m not sure that this looks like shapes in 2 dimensional space. There is implied depth.

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Thank you for your comments. Before I leave I wanted to post the image of the same subject I shot previous to this one. It’s a straight shot of just the one wall as opposed to the angular shot that included both walls. I didn’t like it as much as the one I posted. Would you agree? It’s not focus stacked but could be.

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I love the original composition of this photo. The visual flow of following the main crack that comes down the image vertically is something that’s easy to follow and visually pleasing

It’s all special photography, you have to have an eye for it. Love it.

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I prefer the original image that you posted first Igor. It’s more three dimensional, has terrific balance, it has more of the yellow/greens along the cliff face and I love all the cracks in the original that support the framing and balance of the image.
However, the flow of the cracks that you chose to include in this second image is really well done. It’s very harmonious and wonderfully framed but is missing the depth and dimensionality of the first. Had I not seen the first image, I would really be enjoying this one.

I have to agree with the others. I think the first one has more balance. However this one is very nice too, just different.