Fog on Sugarloaf

This scene is from an autumn trip to New Hampshire. The sunrise was not what we had hoped, but the fog hanging low on Sugarloaf Mountain offered an equally attractive option for this long telephoto composition.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)
Single frame, ISO100, F11, 450mm, 0.8sec

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I really like this, Alan! The color stands out so well and yet does not overpower the mood from the fog. The rock on the right balances the fog. Love it. My only suggestion is to clone out a clump of leaves at the bottom edge of the frame about 1/4-1/3 of the way in.

A really nice misty view, giving the image a great mood. The more subtle colors work quite well. If @Adhika_Lie is referring to the tree top left of center on the bottom edge, I would second her suggestion, although not a big deal. Nicely done

As you said when we shot together here on this morning, sometimes you just have make to lemonade out of lemons when a sunrise doesn’t happen (the photo gods did come through for us on sunset that night however). I was also intrigued by the way the fog was shrouding the side of this mountain, but since I only had 200mm to your 450mm, you came away with a much better shot of this scene than I did, I wish I had something this good from here :frowning_face:

I like how you kept the foliage colors relatively subdued so as not to compete too much with the foggy cliff above. I like this as presented, and I could also see some alternate images lurking in other crops, especially in the right half of the image.

Very nicely done, fog and peak fall color, how can you go wrong ?

Hi Alan - I love the colors and the mood, and think the composition works nicely in terms of balancing the trees and the beautiful rocks in the background. In terms of critique, I think this could benefit from some brightening. You could consider adding a levels adjustment and then moving the white point to the left. I think that simple adjustment could make the photo pop a bit more while maintaining the soft, misty mood. Otherwise, this is a lovely scene!


Great mood and atmosphere. I agree with others on the balance between fog and color and how the muted and somewhat darker colors work so well here. The somewhat darker presentation seems so fitting here given the conditions. No nits here.


@Adhika_Lie, @Harley_Goldman thanks for the comments and I now do see the top of the one tree you are referencing.
@Ed_McGuirk, I do see some alternate images and may have a few other extractions from the mountain as well. There is one positive to the crop sensor. I am very certain the question about fog and peak fall color was rhetorical, what a fun, productive and memorable weekend! :smiley:
@Lon_Overacker, thanks for your thoughts!
Everyone has mentioned the mood of this scene and I have posted a rework below with a lighter mood as suggested by @Sarah_Marino. I am not sure if this is what Sarah had in mind but I wanted to offer the alternate. I was hoping to have someone mention this option, thank you @Sarah_Marino, and am curious what others think? I like both but it is an apple/orange thing for me.

Alan, apple and orange is a good analogy. I think somewhere in between will be a good balance although I tend to err on the darker side, especially with this kind of image.


Generally, I prefer lighter color rendition, but not here. I really like the more muted original especially the fog. The lighter rework fog reminds me of smoke; not fog.

I agree with @Sarah_Marino, I tend to like images with fog to have a slightly lighter feeling. I agree with @Adhika_Lie, I think somewhere in-between the original and your rework makes sense, and I would concentrate most of the increased luminosity on the fog in the URC, with just a slight luminosity bump in the rest of the image. Something like this…


@Jim_Gavin and @Adhika_Lie thanks for your stopping in and offering your thoughts.
@Ed_McGuirk, thanks again for the rework, I suspected my rework was a bit light for most tastes. I like the rework and specifically the lighter URC.

Alan, this looks very good. A fine stand of trees fading into the foggy, rocky mountain side. I agree with a bit of brightening especially along the bottom 1/4, something between your two posts.

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Gorgeous work…I always love the fog in an image and it is so fitting with an autumn shot. I like Ed’s rework best, but I also prefer the original to the brightest version.

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