Foggy Foothills

It was a perfectly clear day so I opted to use a telephoto lens and pick out small sections without the sky. This was taken on the Foothill Parkway of the Smokey Mountains

Specific Feedback Requested

Any feedback is appreciated

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Fuji X-T30 with 55-200mm Lens

Hi Shawn, this is a lovely autumn scene, I like how you combined the wilderness and pastoral views. The fingers of fog threading through the valley below are just wonderful. I think your processing looks good, I like it that you kept the fog slightly cool. I like the composition, the diagonal line of the ridge leads my eye to where the best light is in the valley.

The ridge also leads the viewers eye to the bright orange tree on the right edge. Dues to it’s brightness, this tree has a lot of visual weight, and being on the frame edge I think it is a distraction. I would not crop it away, you lose too much interesting stuff above it. So I would suggest cloning it away instead. That tree is enough of an eye magnet that it pulls the viewer away from the good stuff in the valley below.