Foggy morning at the refuge

Red tail hawk nice and close.

Self Critique (click to reveal)

Technical Details

ISO 1100, 500 mm PF, F8, 1000th, hand held out a car window, D500, 75% of full frame


HI David, Wow what great details! I like the color tones too - rich but natural looking. Beautiful eye. The close up crop works for me. Well done.

The detail around the eye and beak is wonderful to see! I also love how the colours in the background complement this bird. I think seeing more background or bird would be nice too depending on what you captured and cropped.

You scored a nice one here, David. Probably sitting on a fence post right? :slightly_smiling_face:

The intense stare is quite strong visually. Like he/she’s seeing something tasty off in the distance.

I would maybe wish for a bit more space on the left so he’s looking into the image, but that’s minor. Well done.

Wonderful color and detail. Looks like a wall hanger to me.

Fine capture of one of my favorite subjects to shoot. Very cool portrait. If it were mine, I’d look at cropping some of the bottom out?

A beautiful portrait, David. Lovely colors and I like your crop.

A great up close look at the hawk, wonderful to see.

Hi David,

I like this close-up and the over soft lighting works well for the subject. As my only suggested edit, I might drop the saturation in the yellows as the white feathers have a subtle yellow cast to them. Other than that, a nice portrait of this guy…Jim