Foggy Morning Drive

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Questions to guide your feedback

I routinely check out this road that bisects Watkins Lake and on this particular morning the fog was hanging in the background and the geese and swans had taken over the road. I was trying to impart 3 feelings with this image: 1) a drive into mystery using the road to lead the viewer into the fog shrouded unknown, 2) nature reclaiming the road as its own, and 3) the obvious beauty of the lake on a foggy sunrise. Thoughts on my success and any emotional or aesthetic comments? Thanks!

Other Information

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Technical Details

Image was shot handheld using a Canon 5D Mark III, EF 70-200mm f/2.8 IS II USM lens, at 200mm f/6 1/100s and ISO 200.

Processing was completed using LR Classic to adjust exposure, clarity, detail and using a linear gradient dragged up from the bottom to bring a little more sharpness and clarity to the foreground while leaving the foggy background hazy.

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Beautiful early-morning scene. I might have composed to include the top of the tree and exclude the sign post on the left. I hope you have some closer-ups of that mysterious foggy area in the distance!

Thanks for the feedback - I agree on the tree - slightly missed opportunity and the signpost can be easily cloned out. I do have numerous other shots but this was my favorite.