Foggy Morning

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As I’m sure everyone here knows, woodland photography can be very challenging, but a some foggy weather can make it easier. I really like how there is a touch of warmth from the morning sun. I also like how the tree line feels like it is protecting the rocky slope in the background.

While I like the little pyramid looking thing on the bottom right, I wish I would have moved left or right a touch to have it separated a bit more against the tree line.

Is there anything else you see that could be changed? What other thoughts do you have on this image?

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Image Description

This is a seven image panorama stitched together in Lightroom.

Nikon D850
Tamron 70-200 G2
1/50 sec
ISO 64

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  • Color:
  • Lighting:
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This is wonderful Jason. I wish I was there with a nice chair, a little campfire, and a nice warm blanket. The mist is perfect with the warm light showing through. I thought for a minute you’d found one of the forest gnomes we’ve all heard about. I really like the little hill in the BG behind some of the trees. The only thing I would be tempted to do is to clone out the two sticks in the LRC.

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I am loving the soft warm light you captured in this woodland image Jason. You are definitely right about woodland scenes being challenging to photograph. I like your pano format here and I am suggesting to take it even further and getting rid of most of the sky as it does catch my eye somewhat. I hope you do not mind, but here is a repost with what I was thinking. I would also get rid of that pyramid shaped object since it does merge with the tree. Just my opinions of course.

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Thanks! And I agree with the crop. I just get stuck using my typical 2:1 ratio I tend to use for prints

Thanks! I noticed those as well. I’ll have to clean it up before I finalize it

You found a very nice scene Jason and made a good impression of it. I can almost feel the cool, foggy air in your image. As the others who commented, I like the the soft light in the scene and the tranquility. I also like the crop suggested by @Ed_Lowe , which includes eliminating the sticks mentioned by @Ed_Williams .

Jason, A beautiful image which tell’s me a fine story of light and as @Han_Schutten says tranquility . I saw at first view two images. I made a repost of the in my eyes possibilities. Hope you like them.

I actually have an image of the left side of the image, but it’s a little bit more foggy and bright.

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The trees accented by the fog is a lovely combination Jason. I like all three suggested crops too; they isolate some of the magic. You have a lot to play with here!

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