Following a member

Granted that NPN isn’t about follows or likes, but we do have the ability to follow certain people here, however I don’t see a way to highlight that either in the feed by sorting or prioritizing, or by indicating that a post is by a person followed. Given that I’m not sure what the benefit of following a person gets us.

I followed some folks because sometimes we get busy and I don’t want those topics or posts to fall through the cracks. Without being able to fish them out of the ocean, I doubt my approach is working. Is there a way we can tweak this to be more useful? Are other folks interested in filtering this way or do you do it differently?

Hi Kris,
I have not paid attention to this follower feature on NPN yet.
But in my profile under the “Follows” section there is a “Feed” tab:

Don’t you see the posts of your Following there?

Yea but it’s all content, replies and all, I was looking for original posts. Sorry that wasn’t clear.

Unfortunately, this feature is pretty limited. What Jens showed is about the only option. the only other thing you can do is turn on notifications when someone you follow creates a new topic, but that can get annoying. You can do that here and turn on Notify me when followed creates topic

I can request a feature to add a feed of their topics, but there are no guarantees this will happen.