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Is there a plan to list members email addresses? I know this was possible with NPN 1.0. And there, it was optional. Although I used this feature infrequently, there were times when it was appropriate to respond to a critique or discussion off the main NPN site. I did get regular emails from others in regards to my questions about an image.

Is there a plan to have a classified site where members can put gear up for sale?

No, I’m afraid times have changed and having your email exposed is a really bad idea unless you love spam! When you message someone on here they will receive an email notification.

And we already have a classifieds section here:

Thanks for getting back to me so quickly. I suppose messaging someone is what I really meant. In NPN 1.0, one clicked on an email icon which did not expose the email but which sent an email to the selected recipient. Where is this feature? I have yet to discover it.

not sure, but it looks like it is on the top right to the left of the search magnifying glass.

Thanks Jake.
I looked at my own member information and found it and then looked
at someone else’s. I haven’t tried it yet but I will and the time comes. It appears one needs to click on the member and then look through the little yellow boxes to find it.

Just click on the avatar of the person you want to message and there is a message button. Or if their avatar is not on the screen then just search for them, click their name and you will see a message button

Thanks David.

I did find it after looking at my own information.
One of the things about discovering a new site is you often overlook features unless you are specifically looking for them.

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I like the private message feature. It works very well.

@David_Schoen You can also find a user by clicking the hamburger (or is that a bacon sammich menu? :smile:) menu adjacent to your avatar on the right side of any page.

When you do this, you will see Users in the right hand column. Select it.

A list of all users will be displayed. You can filter by entering a member’s username in the Filter text box.


Thanks, Preston. That’s useful.