Where are the personal Galleries?

Where are the personal Galleries?

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #1

Hi - they are probably here somewhere, but I can’t find a link.

Where are our individual Galleries of all the images we have posted?

I often send that link to other photogs/friends , and it has led a number of them to join NPN.

Also, is there a single link to ALL discussions, like the “All Forums” link at the old NPN. I found that link extremely useful to quickly scan through ALL topics, without having to find and open each individual forum, which would be very time consuming. I’d just skip it. .

Lastly, do the “Classifieds” get sent out to members, as they were at the old NPN. ? I found this very useful, too, as I purchased a number of things from others that I wasn’t necessarily in the market for until I saw the Classified ad. If people have to search for and individually open each discussion/forum/gallery/critique/classified , I don’t believe ANY will get as many views.

Thanks -


(Terri L Barnett) #2

The discussions can be found by clicking Community at the top and then under Categories, click on Discussions which will bring a list of all the topics in all the Discussion Categories.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #3

Thanks, but this doesn’t seem to work - it brings up choices of many specific discussions,
I’m looking for ONE place where ALL the discussions on ALL topics are available, without having to open and enter 5-10 different discussion forums.
Does this exist now?

(David Kingham) #4

Yours can be found here https://community.naturephotographers.network/u/sandy_richards-brown/activity/topics , like I have told you before, it’s not perfect as there is no image preview but it’s the best we have for now. I’d like to implement this in the future but it will be a while.

As Terri said, click on the discussions title and you will see all discussions. If you’re talking about all discussions and image posts then there is no way outside of latest/new/unread.

No, we do not have classifieds sent out to everyone, that could become obnoxius once it becomes more popular. But, you can turn on this setting for yourself. Just go to classifieds and click on the notifications buttons and set it to ‘Watching first post’, then you will get an email for every new post in classifieds. You can do this in any category.

It sounds like you’re viewing this on your phone possibly? If so you just need to scroll down farther to get past the category options.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #5

Hi David - That brings up a list of every post I have made, including all the recent Classifieds. People just want to see my IMAGES to purchase, not every discussion or question.
I’m looking for a Gallery of my images only. It’s ok if there is no thumbnail for now.

Similarly, how do we find the link to other people’s images? I often send another’s Gallery link to people who contact me looking for an image of a specific bird/mammal.

(David Kingham) #6

The best I can do is by sending them this link

If you want to send it for someone else, then change the username where it says ‘Posted by’ to their username and then send them the new link.

(Preston Birdwell) #7

David, I like this idea. Perhaps put this in the FAQ, or as a sticky in the Site Tips forum, along with instructions such as you’ve given to Sandy.

(Bill Leggett) #8

David, I like the idea of that link too. I have a number of friends and family who may want to see my images. However, I assume that their access to view critique images will not work unless they are members.

(Igor Doncov) #9

David, perhaps you could implement the personal gallery request by making a keyword ‘personal_gallery’ available to posters. A poster would add to his gallery by just adding this keyword to an image. A user’s personal gallery can be retrieved by searching on the user_name/personal_gallery.

(Sandy Richards-Brown) #11

That’s a great idea, Igor!
Bill, I’m Glad to see others send links to their or other’s Galleries too… That worked really well.


(George Givens) #12

Can you please explain, do I need to use %40% and %20%? I know I’d use my own na!e and what is the designation “23-image-galleries” does it tell the query to search all 23 galleries for my name?

(David Kingham) #13

Hi George, your link would be https://community.naturephotographers.network/search?expanded=true&q=%23image-galleries%20%40George_Givens but it looks like you haven’t posted anything in the gallery section yet. Your name is all you change, the rest of the link stays the same.

(Kathy Snead) #14

Hi David
When I use this, it gets my posts to other people’s photos too.

(Keith Bauer) #15


This will solve the problem.

(Kathy Snead) #16


Thanks Keith!

(Jordan Inglee) #17

It’s be great to be be able to generate that link via a menu link on a users page too!

Thanks for doing what you do!