No poster names in the gallery forums?

In the Landscape Gallery forum, I don’t see the name of the person that created the post in the list. Seems a bit odd.

Hi Jeffrey, the avatars show who the original poster is. The one farthest to the left is the poster and you can hover over their avatar to see the name.


Is there any way to look at all of the posts, images created by a member?

I missed noting the ‘hover’ feature, but that still is not what I think is best. Many of us scan down a list to see the names to help guide us to the ones we want to open. Besides, it’s just weird to not have the photographer’s (or poster’s) name right there.

I agree with that, I’ll work on some ideas to display the users name but it may take a little while. Thanks for the great suggestion!

You can, just click on their avatar, click the bigger avatar to get to their profile, and click Topics. See this video:
It’s not perfect as it doesn’t show a preview of the image, I’m hoping to fix that but no guarantees.


Thank you, David. That’s very helpful.

David, how do I find an avator to hover over when it’s not on any active pages?

I would like to search for the posts of a member regardless of whether he/she is on the screen or not.

Hi Igor, you just need to do a search for the person you’re looking for and it will show up at the bottom of the search results, then click the person to see their profile, and go to activity to see their posts.

If you have any trouble finding someone that way you can go to the advanced search instead

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You might want to add that last bit of information to the Q&A section. I have been asked by other previous users of the old NPN how to do it. It’s not intuitively obvious.

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