Forest Fire

Early November and my week off for shooting fall images was made more challenging due to a week of bluebird skies. Parenting challenges have made it more challenging to create images. Still, I was determined to try and make an image regardless of the conditions. I actually like intentional camera movement images and over the years, have created a private collection that I’ve chipped away at over the years. I was just reviewing my images for this Fall and this one jumped out at me.

I know its not for everyone, but I do like ICM images. I encourage you to please comment and feel free to be open/honest.

What technical feedback would you like if any?

What artistic feedback would you like if any?

Pertinent technical details or techniques:

(If this is a composite, etc. please be honest with your techniques to help others learn)

Single Shot - D850/70-200 @80mm/0.6sec/f/16. On tripod to limit left/right mobility during motion.

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Well balanced and a great colour palette. No nits from me

This does have the feeling of a forest fire. I’m enjoying the texture of the color “lines”. The composition is very stable, with those four main trunks. Perhaps if you wanted to invoke a forest fire, a more off-center or eccentric composition would work, also, to make the viewer feel a bit off balance or uncomfortable.

Love the colors and the lines Jim. I also like and have been experimenting with ICM. I’m enjoying the idea of reducing a scene to it’s minimum to explore the feel and sense of the place. nicely seen and processed.

This is gorgeous! Wonderful colors and just enough “wiggle” to make it interesting to explore the details.

I’ve tried this with a Wimberley head and I get too much smooth vertical motion – maybe ballhead is better?

Fantastic color and composition Jim. The yellow surrounded by the orange reminds me of the sun.

Thanks @Nathan_Klein & @Bonnie_Lampley…I like your idea about cropping to add more imbalance.

@Linda - I almost was going to include the native image without ICM which would really provide perspective on your very point. I saw the 4 larger trunks, but when I was composing the image, I didn’t see to two in the middle until I did the ICM and the simplicity revealed them to me!

@Diane_Miller - yes, this was on a ballhead. I used to do them handheld but didn’t like the outcomes.

@Eva - thank you for taking the time to comment. The circular pattern of the colors was not something I saw until I captured and processed the image.

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