This is a shot from Iceland and shows a foss (waterfall). This is water from a glacier, as well as being freezing cold it’s brown and murky and carries lots of debris. It was thunderously noisy, wet and spectacular. I wanted to show the top as the water starts its fall. I purposely chose to put a person in the frame to scale the size.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comments welcomed

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Leica D-Lux 6 1/13 sec f8

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The person in the frame was a great call, Ryan. This is a majestic look and very powerful. The water doesn’t look too murky at all. I also like the panorama treatment. It works to show the power and majesty of the fall.


Wonderful image! Fabulous and somewhat unique job showcasing the waterfall. Agree with David, the human element is key - certainly without the person, scale would be quite difficult to understand.

I’m particularly enjoying the chosen shutter speed! It really accentuates the power of the water. And interest too because common thought is either to freeze the water, or let it go silky with a longer exposure. This is right in between - and it works perfectly!

Love this one! Not nits or suggestions. Oh, I think if this was sent to Alamy… they’d prefer a red jacket… LOL.


Yes, the human presence adds to the dynamics of the scene and good choice of shutter speed. In a perfect world, he would be facing the other world. Small point though…

Thanks for the comments. Don you are so right about the person facing the wrong way, I shouted but it was really noisy and he didn’t hear me…next time.

Very much like the composition. Framing element on the bottom, a person to show scale, and then the focal point of the image with lots of detail and texture for water. All this adds up to the viewer being able to better appreciate this dramatic natural feature.