Fox help

Meet clown fox, all legs crossed.
I’m looking for ways to improve processing the image. Half stop overexposed, 50% crop, shot in bright sunlight. Some of the grass looks to yellow, some to blue. I lowered the contrast and it looks flat and uneventful. It needs something. I’m using PS Elements.

I’m not acquainted with elements so I kinda doubt this will help. I’m shooting RAW files, but your issues would be relatively easy address your issues in Photoshop’s RAW processor. Even when shooting jpegs, Photoshop as a Camera Raw Filter that lets you use the same tools- really helpful when shooting with a pocket camera which only captures jpegs.

I’d look at the filter selection in Elements for the Camera Raw Filter. If it’s there, I think you’ll like the results.

Hi Steven!
I’m not familiar with PS Elements, but you can do a lot in curves, levels, saturation etc. Jpeg file sheds lot of data so it is not possible to do justice to the image, but I gave it a try.
You need not post a big file here. ( I mean pixels)