Frozen Panamint

On the day I was leaving Death Valley last December, I had to leave behind a very interesting weather condition. Alas, I have to go back to work the next day otherwise I would have stayed and captured more. I was already on my way out but when something like this flashed on my peripheral vision, I was compelled to stop and shoot. As always, all feedbacks are always welcomed.

Nikon D500, 175mm, 1/400, f/6.3, ISO 100. Slightly warped to correct for perspective distortion.



Beautiful dreamy image. I really like the mood and the hints of color and high key look work well. I think it would lose a lot if you boosted contrast. No suggestions here, I am quite enjoying it.

This is a very ethereal and beautiful capture Adhika. I agree with Harley, that the lack of contrast really makes this appealing to me.

Nice image Adhika. Without the title and your backstory, I would never have guessed the location as Death Valley in a million years. Kudos for coming up with something more unique from Death Valley. I like that you showed this much fog below the visible part of the mountain. No nits from, I like the ethereal look of this as presented.

Thanks, @Harley_Goldman, @Eva_McDermott, and @Ed_McGuirk!

Ed, hopefully this December we will have some interesting weather coming, too. That always gives Death Valley quite a bit of different mood!

Hi @Adhika_Lie, beautiful shot. I love the atmosphere, in my opinion it can work also in B/W. Did you try? Thanks for sharing.

Very atmospheric. The barest hint of the mountain in the background is perfect.

Thanks, @masdamb and @Bonnie_Lampley.

In my first round of working on this, I immediately went to BW, but the cooler white balance here seems to add depth to the image and also give the feel of the temperature, too.

This is exactly my favorite part of the image, too, Bonnie. I am glad I am not alone in this matter.

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This is appealing to me for its simplicity, and they way it hints at “more.” Nicely seen and captured.

Moody and mysterious; I am thoroughly enjoying this unique take on DV. Bummer about not being able to stay to capture more. I never would have guessed this was DV as my original thought was the Sierras. I like the white border as it looks like a fine art print hanging on the wall. No suggestions from me, I like everything as is.

@John_Williams and @Ed_Lowe, thanks guys!

I am glad this slightly different take on DV works for many people. This kind of condition is few and far between. I am just happy to be there when it happens.

Splendid image. The hint of blue adds to the dreamy and dreamlike quality - a feeling of timelessness. This is the sort of image that I really admire - one that I could look at over and over again. I hope you plan to print it.

Thanks, @Kerry_Gordon! This is indeed on the list of images I would like to print for my folio box. Admittedly since I outsource my printing, I pool my print jobs to keep the shipping cost per print reasonable. I really appreciate your kind words for the image.