Ganoga Falls w rainbow

We got in 3 days camping at Rickett’s Glen state park in north-central PA earlier this week, where there are 21 waterfalls along less than 5 miles of trail. We passed Ganoga falls at a time of day when there was a decent rainbow in the mist at the base of the falls. (5D3, 24-105 @ 50 mm, 3.2 s, f/16, iso 100, tripod, polarizer and 4 stop ND filter)


The thumbnail of this one catches my eyes right away. The broken log on the LRC plays an important role for me as it leads the eyes towards the rainbow. Sounds like a very very fun and fruitful camping trip, Mark!

This is one of the nicest images of Ganoga Falls I’ve seen. Usually everyone tries to capture the full 90’ height. I think I’d crop a little off the left. How was the foliage?

Just beautiful, Mark. I have never been there, but now after seeing this lovely image, I sure want to go some day. I have made a note of it so if I ever get to travel up that way I will make it a priority to go see it. That rainbow is real icing on the cake. :+1: :+1:

Hi Mark,

Lighting was perfect for your shot. I like how you handled the water and the polarizer bumped up the contrast where it was needed. I like this as presented…Jim

Heavenly light gives the water an ethereal glow. I like your chosen shutter speed as well Mark.

Gorgeous silky water and the unexpected rainbow is wonderful! I like Michael’s crop, or else might try to reduce contrast on the left. It feels a bit heavy next to the delicate water.

I agree with the accolades you have on this image. The light is superb and the rainbow is a bonus. Like @Adhika_Lie, I think the log is important. I’d like to see more of the surrounding area in the image to give it more sense of its environment. This is not to denigrate your terrific shot.

Mark, to me just a stunning image . As we have no waterfalls here. I can hear the noise that must be there. And see that rainbow in the right place.Nice work.