Geyser and the Milky Way

I wanted to try some Milky Way images at the Old Faithful geyser area. My goal was to find a geyser that was emitting a bit of steam but not erupting as I wanted the Milky Way to shine. There is about zero light pollution so the MW jumps out at you there. It was early October and the Bison rut was winding down. I did locate some sleeping close to the trail so I gave them a wide berth as I moved by. Lit this from the side after starting the self timer. I wanted the steam as vertical as possible. This took some time as any slight wind moves it.

Specific Feedback Requested

Comments and critiques please. I like the lighting on the geyser and the way you can see the stars through the steam.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon Z6 II Nikon 20mm. F2 , 15 seconds and lit from the side with a lume cube mini panel

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This is such a cool image, Andrew. Well executed and well processed. I too like the soft light on the geyser and cloud of steam.
The stars are incredible.

I like the composition with the off-center placement of the geyser , and how the steam plume and the milky way run in parallel.

The processing of color in night skies is a matter of personal taste. for me this feels slightly green, and I would suggest subtly shifting it slightly more blue.

Kudos for the work you put into getting this! You were rewarded with a unique and very interesting image. A couple of small “I wonders” – how would it work with the steam not so brown, and without such a strong dark vignette in the upper corners and edges.

Thanks for the input. Appreciate it. Here is the image a bit bluer and without any vignette. Better ???

This is a fantastic image, Andrew! Your planning paid off rather nicely IMO. The night time sky is flat out gorgeous and the lighting of the geyser works as well. My only suggestion would be the same as @Ed_McGuirk about the green in the sky. For my tastes I would try something in between the original and your repost. Beautifully done.