Two from Yellowstone

Milkyway over Grand Prismatic runoff, 6.0 s, iso 3200

Jet Geyser & Milkyway, 13.0 s, iso 6400

Jet Geyser & Milkyway

Critique Style Requested: Standard

The photographer is looking for generalized feedback about the aesthetic and technical qualities of their image.


We visited many of YNP’s iconic locations during David Kingham’s night photography workshop. Here are two more views. There was a lot of mostly green (but sometimes red) airglow, so getting the sky’s colors “right” has been very challenging. There also was nearly constant heavy truck traffic due to multiple major road construction projects. It’s amazing how far vehicle lights show across Yellowstone’s wide open terrain.

Technical Details

R5, 16-35 f2.8, tripod and 2s timer.


Mark: Night astral photography is something I haven’t done much of but these kind of images make me want to start. Most excellent! >=))>

I like the reflected stars in the top image. Very nice composition and well balanced. The bottom image is very nice in its own right with the geyser and clouds criss-crossing with the Milky Way. Interesting to hear how the airglow is creating a challenge with getting the sky color accurate. To me the top image feels right. The bottom image might be a tad to much on the magenta side.

Both images are quite nice, Mark. I really like the sharpness of the stars as well as their reflection in the first image. I don’t have any problem with the color of the night time sky as I think that is subjective. I am amazed that you were able to get a six second exposure. No suggestions from me.

Hi Mark.
Just like the Sound of Music - a few of my favorite things; the Milky Way and reflections. They are both strong photos but i am drawn to that first one. The tiers of the spring showing up in the reflection is fantastic. I like the airglow. I think the color looks good.

Awesome images Mark. I really like the second one.

I missed these earlier – very nice! I think you could get away with a bit lighter on the FGs (especially the geyser) and darker in the skies on both and still have them very believable. Not a big deal – just another possible tweak.

The geyser would be a fantastic subject for some subtle light painting!