Ghosts of Forest Past (#2, I think) + Rework

REWORK (darkened leaves):


I’ve been quite taken with dead and submerged trees for awhile, especially their interplay with reflections of living trees, clouds, etc. It’s challenging to find interesting compositions with all those elements. I envision a series with this idea eventually, but it’s looking like it will take me quite a while!

Specific Feedback Requested

Any critique welcome. Yes, there are some rather stray elements at the frame edges, but I deliberately left them in for the tension they provide. Opinions to the contrary will be considered, though. :slight_smile:

Technical Details

a7r3, 36mm, 1/125s, f/11, ISO 2000, hand held, with polarizer adjusted to taste.


When I first saw this one my immediately reaction where that this is not for me, so do not write a comment! But the more I look at this image the more I like it and the more my mind turns from the tension towards some kind of calmness. So now I just sit and look at the image and just like it without any thinking about composition etc.

I think that there is a difference between elements that create intentional tension and elements that just draw the attention away from the important parts of the image. IMO, the two brighter drops at the LLC belongs to the latter.

Bonnie, I applaud you for seeing an image here where most wouldn’t. Once you are able to push past rules there is so much to be seen and felt in this photograph.
First I was thinking I didn’t like the broken off twig on the center right edge of the frame, but it keeps the rhythm as the eye wanders around the edge.
The different layers including the reflection of clouds on the water surface and the dead branches under the surface are great. That and the changing geometry of the elements in the picture, it all makes it very attractive to me and makes me wonder what you were thinking.
I like it when a photograph shows me that the creator is a thoughtful person. Which is definitely the case with you and this photograph.
Very well done!

Haha you already addressed my main concerns here. I’m not sure I agree that they provide tension. For me they just draw my attention away from the best part of the photo which are those submerged branches and the floating leaves. I think overall its a great photograph though!

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I think this is one of your best Bonnie. I really do. It’s a complex image with many components. But for me it’s primarily about the clash between the jagged black branches near the top and the smooth milk like clouds below. I think these opposites is what provides the tension we see. Of course, if we remove the other components the image gets weaker so they add a lot. The branches that come in from out of the frame into the picture add to the tension. And the submerged branches add a bit of mystery to it all. I wouldn’t do much editing. I would clone out the bright leaf in the lrc though.

This will be a great addition to the gallery you are putting together.

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Thank you, @Ola_Jovall, @holgermischke, @Matt_Payne, and @Igor_Doncov for your thoughts.

I appreciate your candor, Ola! :slight_smile: And I’m glad you took the time to consider the photo - I consider that a high compliment. And even if you’d decided that it wasn’t for you, I would appreciate your reaction. A reaction, positive or negative, is better than no reaction at all.

That is a good point. I did wonder a bit about the brightness of the leaves. I agree that they can be darkened. Thanks.

Yes, that one is rather protruding, but it continues under the water and I figured deleting it would look odd.

Yes, that is one of the main things I tried to bring out in the scene - getting those cloud reflections into the frame, along with interesting branches.

Bonnie, this is quite stark and nicely moody. I like how much effort it takes to view and try to understand all that is going on, e.g. what’s a reflection vs what’s above the water vs what’s below the surface. The reflected clouds add to the moodiness and I get a special kick out of the little circle of ripples where a bubble just popped at the surface (near the center).

One of your most creative images. The only word I can think that describes this picture is, “haunting”. This picture is right up my alley in that the star of the show is not what is seen but what isn’t. Outstanding.

Thank you, @Mark_Seaver and @Kerry_Gordon.

Me too! I thought it was a wonderful touch.

Yes, that is what I seek when making these kinds of photos - a mix of directly seen, reflected, and obscured. I enjoy the complexity.