Goldfinch in the yard

This was actually taken a year ago. From my bedroom window. Caught at first light on the perch.

Because of the bird flu outbreaks in the region, I am holding off putting up my feeders until I know what is going on. Anyone else have this issue?

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Technical Details

ISO 1600, 400+1.4 X, F7 .1, 1600th, Sony A1, 50% of full frame

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What a little beauty, and you did justice to her – or is it a him? Great light! For my taste it feels like there is a bit too much empty canvas on the right, but that’s just preference. I know some people don’t care for squarish crops.

A gorgeous little one. Nice light and perch, too. Looks like some molting going on. I think these guys do it three times each year. Crazy.

Bird flu mostly has our wildlife rehabbers upset and having to enforce some crazy rules around intakes. Special clothes, shoes, containers, feeders, towels etc. They have told us volunteers that if we have to transport a bird to wear clothing that won’t come into our houses or be used to do basically anything else. So far I haven’t been called to do a bird transport or rescue so it hasn’t affected me. If I do get the call I’ll segregate gloves and shoes etc. for the work.

Ahh. Very cute. This is a beauty.