Good way to transport framed prints?

Good way to transport framed prints?
(Jesse Smith) #1

I currently have my images up at a local restaurant and I’m wondering the best way to transport about 20-30 framed photos. What do you all use?

Would love to find a more convenient way.


(Monte Trumbull) #2

Hi Jesse. I did art shows for a few years and invested in Gallery Pouches from Frame Destination. There are a little on the expensive side, so I saw some people make something like it themselves. Here is a link to an article on how to make them that also references Frame Destination.


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(Tony Litschewski) #3

If you go to a frame shop, they may have some empty glass boxes of various sizes. Just cut the box on 2 sides so they are open for easy entry/exit of the framed piece. I’d also recommend adding packing foam to the inside of the box that touches the frame to protect it. I did this for almost 20 years and never had a problem.

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(Hank Pennington) #4

If you’re talking about transporting in your vehicle and not going far, and especially if there’s no glass involved, it doesn’t have to be complicated. Back in the day of large frames from our studio, we just rolled out a sleeping bag for bottom padding, then stood the frames on their sides with a towel draped over each for padding. Pretty quick and easy, and even on rough roads, quite effective. About the only “chore” required was rolling up the sleeping bag after use.

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(Jesse Smith) #5

Yeah @Hank_Pennington that’s kind of how I’m doing it now, haha. I guess it does get the job done, and I’m not moving them THAT often.

Thank you all, you’ve given me some ideas to simplify. Appreciate it!


(Hank Pennington) #6

Take it as a sign of how often we moved a bunch of prints for shows. If you’re doing it more than occasionally, then a dedicated solution would be in order.

I hate now to think about it, but we also had a closet full of cardboard shipping containers for prints to 48" because we used a far-away print service for all our work. Couldn’t afford to toss them in anticipation of deliveries or shipping to clients, but that closet was something of a nightmare at times. They would have been a great solution for what you’re doing, but I’m not about to recommend that anyone get into the same storage hassles.


(Genny K.) #7

I do several things. It depends on how many times you are going to have to move them! I got bubble wrap, in rolls 3 ft wide, and made big “envelopes”. I like to do prints framed up to 18x24, so I make the envelopes big enough to fit in 2 framed pictures of that size ( so about 24x32 or bigger, depending on how big the frames are). I use lots and lots of clear tape and the bubble wrap to make these envelopes.
Like Hank, I also use a bunch of towels to wrap around the smaller pictures, and then set those into a big plastic tub. I also collect boxes that work for this, such as the boxes that 32x40 framing mats come in. I actually bought one canvas portfolio case, which will hold two pictures, too.


(Doug Koepsel) #8

The bubble pouches from FrameDestination are nice, but have some cost.

While not as heavy duty as the gallery pouches, I have been using bubble bags from ULine and slipping them in the boxes frames came in. A sheet of cardboard between the bagged photos help them slip in the box easier as the bags tend to grab each other.