Green and Yellow

Just processed this one from Fall 2018 in the Eastern Sierra… I think this one falls under the theme this week. I am not exactly a fan of the LLC but I hope the rest of the frame is strong enough to keep the eyes from going into that corner. I am also not necessarily a big fan of 3:2 vertical composition but the vertical lines of the trees seem to warrant it. I could always warp it to 5:7 but I am not sure. Your feedbacks are most welcome!

Nikon D500, 300mm, f/5.6, 1/160, ISO 180 (auto)



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I think this works just fine. I don’t have problem with LLC. Color distribution is quite pleasing.


This image seems to work for me. The yellows are very nice and the LLC looks fine to me…Jim

Thanks, @David_Schoen and @Jim_Zablotny. I think it’s just my OCD about the top of the pine tree on the LLC. I am glad you didn’t find it distracting.

This is perfect for the challenge, Adhika! I personally actually like the llc. I think it provides a solid anchor for the rest of the scene which seems to project diagonally up to the urc. I also think vertical was the right choice and the ratio works fine also. The only suggestion I have is to sharpen the large version a bit. It appears to be a little soft. The site automatically sharpens the small version so it looks great but it doesn’t sharpen the large version.

Adhika, The golden aspen glow very well here. They’re also set off nicely by the mix of evergreens. The bottom of the frame (from about your signature down) is different because it shows the ground. It does anchor the view, cropping it creates a more “ethereal” look that is dominated by the tree tops. I think both views work well, it’s a choice of what you’re trying to do with the photo.