Happy Holi!

I wanted to wish a happy Holi to everyone here, a festival of colors and joy !

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Hi Jagdeep
" Holi the celebration of, the arrival of spring, the end of winter, the blossoming of love and for many, it is a festive day to meet others, play and laugh, forget and forgive, and repair broken relationships."
Thank you for sharing this celebration with us.
Just how fare away was the Tiger from you in this photograph?

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Thanks Peter !
Tiger must have been about 20 meters from me.

Arrival of spring in spirit anyway here in northern Wisconsin. :grinning: But I am so looking forward to it.

Your tiger images are pretty special. Is it a game reserve you shoot in? I assume so given the extirpation of tigers in every part of the world. Impressive shooting and an impressive creature.

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Hi Japdeep
Stay safe. Around 15 years I viewed a group of elephant drivers cornering Tiger and his answer was to take three steps, leap and take the lead elephant drive cleanly off his elephant.

Thanks Chris !
This was taken in Tadoba Tiger Reserve, this was one of the two young tigers, I was lucky to spot. :grinning:

Hi Peter !
This was taken from the jeep, not elephant back. Tadoba Tiger Reserve is too hot for an elephant to survive.