The heather is everywhere at the moment. In open field and forest .

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Technical Details

Is this a composite: No


I have to say, Ben, your processing is just sublime. I love the low contrast look. It feels almost painterly and I feel so peaceful looking at the image. Awesome.


David said it all. Your work is exceptional, both in the field and the processing.

Great image Ben, a fine addition to this series.

The light here is relatively gentle, and once again it allows you to really do justice to the purple and green colors in this scene. This is such a nice image, I almost hate to leave a real nit-picky comment. But I would suggest slightly burning the bright yellow grass near the fence in the bottom.

You are making me jealous Ben, I have never seen heather in real life. And since purple is one of my favorite colors, I would love to be able to photograph heather some day.

Absolutely beautiful image Ben, not much to add but I do agree with Ed.

You are really on a roll with this series of heather images, Ben. All of them have been beautifully composed and processed and this one is no exception. The purple of the heather and the green of the surrounding woodland make for a wonderful combination. My only suggestion is the same as @Ed_McGuirk . I think these would look great as prints hanging on the wall.

Ben, This is so beautiful and even more than that it is wonderfully inviting. Really nice comp, wonderful light and beautiful color. I like it a lot as you have it!

@David_Bostock , @paul_g_wiegman , @Ed_McGuirk , @Blake_Randall , @Ed_Lowe , @Nick_Bristol , Thank you all for these kind words. I am overwhelmed by them.
@Ed_McGuirk ,please keep on giving those nit-picky comments. I always learn a lot from them. Although to me the bit of bright yellow grass gives a sense as water flowing in a poetic way.

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@Ed_McGuirk Yes, keep on giving nit-pickers; it helps all of us, as do the responses from the artist posting the image.

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