High Quality Non Reflective Print Glass

Does anyone have a source of non reflective glass or acrylic material that goes over the print?

The company that I order the frames from will provide a non reflective acrylic material but it’s optical qualities are not as good as the reflective ones. Another words, images don’t look as sharp. My local Hobby Lobby will sell ‘museum quality’ glass which is non reflective and incredibly clear. The problem is that it’s also incredibly expensive. I am looking for advice for a cheaper source but still good.

Thank you.

Following! This is very timely as I have some images I want to make prints of. I have a place to get prints made but beyond that I’m at a loss.

There is a local shop but it is really expensive. It was like 250 bucks for an 8x10 to be framed. Interested in doing some of the work myself to keep the cost down. I also do t really want to go the Amazon route.

There is no cheap, non-reflective and clear option. Even TruLife acrylic has some reflection if it’s near a window. The non-glare regular acrylic is merely acrylic with frosting which diffuses the reflection which gives the appearance of being non-glare at the expense of less clarity but I don’t think it’s that obvious unless you’re a pixel peeper. That’s your best option if you need price.

I guess I’m a pixel peeper. I would rather have acrylic that reflects than one that diffuses clarity. I’ve had experience with that and was unsatisfied.

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You’re probably in the majority.