Need quality adhesive backed printable paper

I am making a present for my grandson: I have a presentation book with 20 clear polypropyline inserts that will contain letter sized photos printed on Epson Luster that I am printing with my Epson P 900. The cover is thin black plastic and I would like to attach a photo with some print that will serve as my cover for the collection. Rather than try to glue on a photo I would prefer to print onto adhesive backed paper then attach that. The only thing I can find is very cheap, 100 sheets for unter $20, so I am quessing it is not very good quality. Can anybody recommend a quality adhesive backed printable paper? 8 x10 or 8.5 x 11?

Or, if you can recommend an easy way to cleanly attach a photo onto the cover. I don’t have and am not interested in buying a dry mount press. Thanks!!

Try This is a vinyl that comes in a variety of surfaces. You can get 50 sheets for $20. Carefully read the various applications to make sure you get one that works best on the surface of the cover.

paul g wiegman

Thanks for the reply. I saw this on my search on Amazon, and actually it is the reason I made my post. I’m pretty sure 50 sheets for $20 would not be “quality” photo paper, which is what I am looking for. Perhaps such a thing doesn’t exist, but no harm in asking…

The sheets at Photo Paper Direct and vinyl surfaced. It’s a layer of vinyl coated with a thin film designed to accept ink from printers. Granted the quality might not be that of a Hahnemühle product, but I think you would be surprised. I’ve had very large graphics, including photos, printed on vinyl and they turned out very well.

Epson has adhesive photo sheets.

They should be the quality you are looking for. In the circumstances you outline - giving a gift to your grandson - I would imagine that he would be thrilled by the gracious thought and not be considering the quality of the paper on which it is printed.

Thanks, I ordered some.

I’m late to this but another option is to print on your favorite paper and use this mounting material:

I’ve used it for years with excellent results.

Thanks. I saw that when I was looking and kept going because I only need one 8.5 x11 sheet, not a fifty foot roll. I’ve tried a couple of the adhesive backed papers and have not been satisfied, so I’ll probably give this a try.

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I’m late to this but another option is to print on your favorite paper and use this mounting material:

I’ve used it for years with excellent

@Diane_Miller I looked at your reference and in the description it says “yet forms a high strength permanent bond when passed through the PMA applicator”. I am wondering what the “applicator” is. I tried searching their site for pma applicator without results.

Here’s a different link to what should be the same thing. I haven’t used it for several years but it comes (came) with a little squeegee about the size of a credit card that is thick but slightly flexible plastic, a couple of mm thick with a rounded edge. You drag it it to apply good pressure. Good idea to avoid wrinkles first. No idea what a PMA applicator is. The Dick Blick website should be able to answer that. They are a major art supply operation.

@Diane_Miller I found the applicator. The little plastic thing is the default, but they make a pair of rollers you can run it through (handles up to 1/4 inch thick) for people doing a lot of it. The first washing machine I remember from childhood had the same thing.