Printing papers

I’m putting together a large show I will be printing myself on an Epson 800. My intention is that all the prints will be “hung” directly to the wall either with removable putty or magnets—no frame or glazing or (if possible) backing. My interest is two fold: to reduce costs and to have a clean, uniform look to all of the prints.
The paper I have most often used in the past is Epson Ultra Premium but this tends to not lay totally flat without a backing or some sort. Clearly I can go with something a bit thicker and would still like a luster finish. I’d value suggestions, either for papers or other ideas, based on similar experiences of no frames/backing from readers.

Hi John: I’ve never used an Epson, so I can’t comment on that aspect. However, you might want to check out Red River Papers in Dallas. They have an excellent selection of papers at reasonable prices and are extremely helpful (their website alone has a wealth of information). If you contact them, they might have a recommendation.

@Dennis_Plank , thank you. I’ll check them out. I’ve certainly read elsewhere here good comments about their products and customer service.

I have an Eason P800. I use Illford Gallerie luster. I have produced many 17x22” prints, the largest sheets the printer can accommodate. You can obtain free custom profiles specifically for your printer for any paper you buy from Illford.
Make sure your display and printer are calibrated and profiled for best results.

Bob Faucher

Thanks @Bob_Faucher , I’m totally comfortable with the printer and profiles. I used to use Ilford Gallerie and may try it again for this project. What I was looking for was input about how various papers stood up to being on the wall with either magnets or putty without bowing or warping. I’m testing some papers this week and should have results I can share to others how want to exhibit without frames.

You might try using double-sided foam tape. To prevent the tape from becoming permanently affixed to the back of the paper you could put some gaffer’s tape wherever you wish with the double-sided tape affixed to it. Gaffer’s tape is easily removed and leaves no residue.

I’d imagine the heavier the paper, the better it’s going to display with your intent. I use Red River Paper’s Palo Duro Etching 315 and it’s a pretty heavy/stiff stock that I would think would stay flat at larger sizes (the 16x20 and 13x19 prints I’ve done would certainly do so, I’d think).

That’s not a luster paper, so I guess the point is… paper weight is probably going to be the biggest factor (likely followed by humidity control in the show space).