Printing Papers

Printing Papers

I am in love with Inkpress Watercolor Rag for my photos. The colors are so deep. The issue is that the paper is so expensive. About $3 a 13 by 19 sheet at B and H. The 4 by 6 size that I use for color checking is about 30 cents a sheet.
Anyone out there like to print on this paper and have you found a less expensive alternative that is close to the paper for quality? I realize I could print on luster or semi gloss and get a very acceptable print but …
Regards to all.

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I’m not familiar with Inkpress but the nicest paper I’ve ever printed on is Canson Rag Photographique. It’s pretty expensive but it looks amazing and is one of the thicker matte papers.

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Thanks. Just checked that one out. It is marginally more expensive than the one I’m using. Looks like it’s the same sort of paper. The inkpress is the thickest paper I use. Has to be used for a picture where the texture does not distract so I rarely use it for something like a detailed landscape. Generally use it for flowers but also birds and animals on some occasions , generally if I have a creamy OOF background.

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Good to know. The Canson has almost no texture and is super smooth so that is a non-issue.

I haven’t used that paper, Kathy, but you might check out Red River papers. They’re a dmaller company with lower prices, but the papers I’ve used have been excellent. Their website lists some substitutes and their customer support has been good about providing equivalents for other manufacturers.

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Agree with @Dennis_Plank, another vote for Red River. Lots of variety in papers, good quality, great prices.

What worked for me was finding a paper that I wanted to use that was available in 13 inch rolls…50 or 100 feet. I would first roll it on another roll, let it be for weeks (to reverse the curl), then cut it myself. A easy once organized task.
Moab in Utah worked well…they also provided software specific to the paper. Many vendors available. Some photo sites have info rich printing sections.

Thanks Everyone. I have ordered some Red River samples and am going to give Moab a look.