Hints of Autumn #2 and reworks


Black and white…


Specific Feedback Requested

If you get a chance to look at Hints of Autumn #1 I would like to know which positioning of the forest you like better. Also if you like it in color or black and white.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Nikon D3400, ISO 100, 135mm, f/4.8, 1/10

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Vanessa, the color version here looks very good. The mix of vertical trees and horizontal strips of color is nicely dynamic and mysterious. There’s a definite fantasy world feeling here…now where’s Frodo, et. al.? Your version 1 doesn’t work so well for me, because of the clear “edge of the woods feeling” that the grasses at the bottom create, where this view puts me in the woods. The overall darkness adds well to the mysterious feeling.

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As you know, this is all subjective. Everyone will have a different feel for your images.

The verticals and horizontals are working very well for me.

The images for #2 - My eye is drawn to the dark mass in the top RH corner.
I like the colour version of #1, but maybe with a slight crop from the bottom.

Your histogram is bunched up on the dark side, but this might be the feel you are looking for.

I hope we get to see some more of this little patch of bush.

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Another very interesting image with a pleasing amount of blur. Very nice to click back and forth between the two. The B/W has brought the trees to the “visual FG” which I find very lovely. Again, I would compare a version with the midtones brightened a bit, which would give more detail in the trees. That might be more successful if done on the color version before the B/W conversion.

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Thank you @Mark_Seaver @glennie @Diane_Miller for looking and your feedback on this, I really appreciate it. I will go back in and see what I can do to bring out the trees a little more…

The rework has more punch – too much for my taste but that’s purely my taste – but the issue for me is trying to separate the trees from the grass. Maybe not possible with your software. I think it would require masking.