Horse Head

Famous nebulas in the Orion constellation, Horsehead and the Running man at the bottom of the frame.

Specific Feedback Requested

Technical Details

Is this a composite: Yes
70 light frames, 5 dark, 5 flat and 5 bias frames stacked in Pixel Astro processor, finish in Capture one and Affinity Photo.
D500, 135mm Rokinon f2 lens at f4, 120 sec. subs @ iso800, Star Adventurer pro ii mount
Taken at Stub Stewart state park, Oregon on Mar. 12, 2021


Nice to see astro photography images. I have no experience within this field, so I more see it as an abstract image. Really nice colors and different luminance giving a lot of different color shades. From a compostion point of view I would have liked to have more of the Running man (LRC) inside the frame.

I guess it is not an easy task to actually know what will be in the frame, and after taking that many images with a long exposure time you do not just take another try.

It’s nice to see some serious astro work here at NPN Dan. Similar to @Ola_Jovall I have no experience in this type of work either, and also view this similar to an abstract. From that perspective, I really like the shapes, colors and patterns, especially the deep red/magenta colors contrasted against the cooler tones in some of the stars. Also similar to Ola, I wish the star formation in the LRC had a bit more breathing room around it. Cropping it away doesn’t work, it just needs more space around it (no pun intended) :smile:

Very nice – good star shapes and colors, with nice halos in this one. Good capture of the red nebulosity.