I fell into a dream

Are you sick of my whirlpools yet??

The far right side of the wonderful Garwin Falls in Wilton, NH. Although the flow was pretty low, as it can be in fall, the whirlpool was awesome so I set up for this 25-second shot. Because of the sprawling nature of the falls and the surrounding trees that are very close to the river, it’s a difficult shot to compose without a lot of distractions in the form of other trees and other bits of the falls on the higher rocks. I can post another for comparison, but really this is the best way to get the whirlpool. To the left out of frame is a big pine just ahead of me on the bank with another fall behind it coming in. A very busy scene.

Specific Feedback Requested

Processing ideas welcome.

Technical Details

Is this a composite: No
Tripod w/CPL and ND


Lr for basic processing including a full stop bump in exposure since I just didn’t get it right. The usual white and black points, wb adjustment, lens correction and some work with a few brushes and gradient filters to manage tonalities throughout the frame.


Not sick of them at all, Kris. In fact, you’ve inspired me to dredge up an old one I have…

I actually like this one better than the other. This shows the whole whirlpool and balances nicely with the waterfall. Excellent.

Also NOwhere close to sick of them! This one is my favorite so far. Gorgeous falls balancing the whirlpool, with the FG leaves providing a very interesting base!

I too am not at all sick of these images. I like whirlpools a lot. And, seeing all these shows different ways to compose the scenes. I still like “4000” best, but this is a close second partly because once again you killed it with the title.

No, just a bit jealous… :sunglasses: Not much water scenes around us this nice, Kris. I really like your overall composition. Just the right amount of upper falls to understand the source creating the wonderful swirling pool… :+1:

I keep coming back to this one, Kris. Love falling into a dream. :slight_smile:

Wow thanks everyone! An oldie, but I guess a goodie. For a while there I did a lot of these, but lately not many. I have one from a couple years ago I might put up. It’s not terribly dramatic, but it was part of a series I did at Ripley creek and a sub-series of black and white images in a certain section.

I wondered about keeping so much of the falls in the shot and experimented with different crops, but none looked right.

Hi Kristen, whirlpools are somewhat rare so never tired of seeing well-portrayed examples. Your composition is nicely balanced and the exposure timing was just right for both the whirlpool and falls. Fortunately, there were no big red leaves in the mix, which would have spoiled the overall effect. Even little falls have their own personality and the reflections are a bonus.

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