ID help with this creature

Can anyone help me ID this creature/s I photographed? It was in Johnstone Straight, Alert Bay, British Columbia. I am not that familiar with water creatures and am struggling with what appears below the surface, close to the surface etc. I know the quality is poor but any ID help would be great.

Looks like Salmon to me, but someone more educated may have a better guess.

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Salmon and a very interesting shot of one. Probably a Chinook (King). Looks like whiskers to left and could be a sea lion has it. They eat a lot of them.

Thanks so much Jim. I think you are right on! My 23 fellow travelers on trip have been viewing as well and a couple thought King Salmon but you really helped us out with clarifying the sea lion. I was struggling with that.
Will post process it a bit better and add to my photo library.