In The Spotlight

This is another from a Utah trip in the fall.

D810, 70-200mm


Like your title says, you really captured a spotlight here. The yellow tree shines perfectly against the dark background!

Real nice, Harley. The side light does a masterful job of placing the emphasis on the autumn colored leaves of the tree. I also like the fact that you maintained details in the shaded rock face of the cliff. Looks like you had a productive trip.

That light really sets off the tree from the canyon wall. Very well captured and processed, Harley. The only thing that I would consider is burning (or cloning out) the bright triangle at the LL corner.

A wonderful image, Harley. I love the bright yellow leaves, and the shape of the little tree.

Nicely done, Harley, love the color and simplicity of the comp.

This is real sweet, Harley. Beautiful backlighting; well framed. Processing looks good to me as well. I can’t think of any way to improve.

Harley, This tree is on fire. I think ,imho, even more if you take out the water. Beautiful .

Nice work on this image Harley, that tree looks gorgeous. You nailed it on the level of shadow detail in the canyon wall, dark enough to make the tree really pop, but still some nice level of detail to see in the shadows. I also like the way the highlights look in the water, it creates a nice counterpoint to the spotlit tree, and the sunlit water helps to balance the composition. :+1: :+1: :+1:

Simply outstanding, Harley!

Wow, stunning shot. The contrast between tree and rocks is great. Thanks for sharing.

Excellent opportunity presented here and the final outcome is “spot” on too, Harley. As always, one has to be out there to take advantage of scenes like this one… :+1::sunglasses:

I like this one very much Harley. I like the idea of cropping out the water. Or I would crop a bit off the top to make the frame a bit wider. Another idea would be to cool everything down except the yellow in the tree. Bring out the magentas a bit more.

Excellent Mr. H. I think this one must have been calling out to you, begging to be photographed. :wink:

Much has already been mentioned, so I’ll probably repeat. Just the right amount shadow detail to let the tree really pop. And at the same time I think you did a spot on job with the color/sat/luminosity of the tree.

I’m with Igor on the suggestion of cropping from the top for a slightly wider (throw back to the 4x5 days…) But keeping the water - I just don’t see a viable crop at the bottom.

All around find image from your trip.


Wow, you caught that at the right moment. Superb and beautiful. I too vote for a crop off the top.