Spring Green

New leaves and early morning light in a Utah canyon from back in May.

D850, 70-200mm


Gorgeous capture Harley! I love the green/orange color contrast as well as the vivid light/shadow contrast. Composition is very strong IMHO, and your processing is excellent. Not a criticism, just another option would be a crop on the bottom of about 7-8% to bring the bottom frame closer to the rock outcrop in the lower right. Don’t know if that would actually help or hurt, but an option to play with. Well done, no nits at all from me!

Great image Harley. What I love most about this image is how you were able to capitalize on three very different types of light all in the same scene. Full shade, dramatic side-light, and soft reflected light. It creates a very interesting look in the image, both from a contrast and a color perspective.
The leaves on the tree a just gorgeous.

It’s a subjective opinion, but I could also see a slight crop from the bottom, perhaps right above your watermark.

This is really a fine image, Harley. Although the scene is excellent on it’s own for me it’s all about the wonderful light. Another nice find from this area in the southwest.
As a side note, I could see this as a square crop even with a couple different versions on that aspect ratio. When they’re done right it typically leaves some alternate looks as options… :cowboy_hat_face:

A beautiful scene well-captured Harley. The light is magnificent and the colors make a bold statement. Well done.

Thanks for the comments and crop suggestions, @Paul_Breitkreuz, @terryb. @Ed_McGuirk and @Bill_Chambers. I think the crop would work well but I kind of like the bit of depth and tunnel effect the full foreground gives the image. Always great to get suggestions and new ways of looking at my work, much appreciated!


Beautiful image Mr. H. Photography is about light - and you’ve captured a wonderful moment of light. Processing is excellent given the dynamic range with the highlights and deep canyon walls.

Cropping of course is an option, but I like how it’s presented. Less on the bottom would inadvertently give more emphasis to the far canyon wall - when I think it’s all about the light striking the cottonwood.

My first impression though, went something like this - Who put this cottonwood right in middle of the road (path, trail, wash…)?? I mean it’s blocking my way! :slight_smile:


This is wonderful, Harley. The light and colors are absolutely beautiful.

Don’t know how I missed this. This came out really well. The backlit leaves and their color really stand out against that red.

A great image with the backlit leaves and the colors. A possibility could be to crop away some of the FG, maybe at the flat rock in the LRC.