Indigo Bunting

Had almost given up on the morning when I managed some photos of these Indigo Bunting

Specific Feedback Requested

Any comment welcome

Technical Details

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Ahhh…. This is really beautiful. The soft muted light works great, the complimentary background, the leaves the bunting is on and I really like the feel of shooting through some leaves. Very nice.

Yeah, I agree with Keith on this one. Really good job on the color, setting, and background. Detail is excellent. If I were going to do anything, I might cut down on some of the negative space in the top. I can also see half stop of increased exposure on the front of the head and face between the eyes and the beak. But just a tad.

What a beauty. Agree with previous comments about the background and shooting through the leaves-very nice effect. I could also see a slight crop from the top. Excellent work.

Hi Eduard
Very pretty Indigo Bunting. The shallow depth of field, really makes this bird stand out. I looked at the large posting and the heads exposure looks correct. Nice way to end the day.