Introducing 'Nature First' The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography

Introducing 'Nature First' The Alliance for Responsible Nature Photography
(Todd Grivetti) #21

I joined last week and look forward to being another steward of our natural resources. Just checking today as I didn’t see the logo, and then realized, I hadn’t confirmed my subscription. It is now confirmed.

I along with everyone here completely agree, I see far too often the misuse of restoration areas, not by nature and landscape photographers, but by a lot of other people and as a Nature Photographer, I have signed the pledge without an ounce of reservation. Proud to be a part of this unequivocal and presendented movement.

(Patrick O'Healy) #22

How much is life membership. How do we transfer our existing membership if we do?

(David Kingham) #23

I assume you’re talking about a lifetime membership here on NPN? If so, we no longer offer this. There are a lot of lifetime members leftover from the old site and I honored their lifetime status.

If you’re talking about Nature First, then there is no cost to join.

(Patrick O'Healy) #24

I thought I saw it mentioned in your announcement. I guess you were referring to existing life members. Although I have participated seldom lately, we want to support the site. I am not comfortable navigating the new site, which is my bad for not working
through it. (Not asking for a tutorial, I have to just put my nose in it)

Thanks for the service you provide.

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(Mike Ramy) #25

I’ve been spreading the word about ‘Nature First’ and everyone has been very receptive and hopefully joining this needed resource as well as NPN. I really appreciate the work and efforts you have and continue to put forth to further the proper growth of Nature Photography. I am also in the same boat with my friend Patrick, and have not been posting much due to the learning curve of the new site and time being spent with my Photography Tours, Solo Gallery Exhibitions and of course my paying work. Mark Seaver spent a week with me on the recent Florida Spring Break Tour and the new NPN was discussed often. Thanks again for your dedication and remember you can always count on my support and help as needed.
Mike Ramy

(George Givens) #26

Hi David,
I’ve been meaning to say thank you for honoring us old timers who purchased a lifetime membership. It is a really nice thing to do. I’m sorry it has taken me so long to say thanks.

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