NPN 2.0 Anniversary!

It has been one year since we announced the relaunch of NPN! At that time the site was down to 250 devoted paying members, since then we have grown the site to 1684 members, 507 of which are paying members, along with 230 lifetime memberships that we honored from the old site.

We wanted to keep growth slow in the first year to have the flexibility to figure things out as we go and make changes as needed to make the site function in the best way possible. Not growing too fast allowed us to do things like adding the free membership tier, which has been a great success and will continue to help grow the site sustainably.

There have been many changes made in the past year based upon member feedback, which is precisely what we wanted, and we still have a few more tweaks to make. We’ve had hiccups along the way and learned a lot, and we appreciate all your patience through these times. We feel we are getting to a point where the site is highly polished, functional, and becoming less intimidating to new users, but we will continue its evolution.

We want to thank all of the moderators who are the backbone of NPN; without them, NPN wouldn’t be possible. They give their time selflessly every day because they believe in the vision and community of NPN. Thank you to all the paying members as well, you keep this dream of reviving NPN financially viable and ensure it continues for many years to come.

There is a lot to be excited about in the coming year; we have many big plans to improve the content on the site and to grow our membership even more.

  • Grow categories outside of Landscape. It has proven difficult to bring in new members for wildlife, avian, macro, etc. We will be putting a big focus on getting some respected names in these areas to help spread the word.
  • Monthly AMA’s with prominent photographers like we did yesterday with Sean Bagshaw.
  • We will be starting a new interview series with nature photographers. These are not your typical boring interviews with canned questions; these will go deep and explore what makes each photographer tick.
  • Continue to bring you in-depth articles on nature photography, but increase the frequency and pull from a broader range of nature photography.
  • Planning will begin for an NPN Symposium to bring the community together in person!
  • We will have a booth at the Outsiders Conference in March to help promote NPN along with Nature First.

In the coming weeks we will be sending out a survey to the members to get your feedback on the new site; what you like, what can be improved, etc. We will continue to work hard at making NPN the premiere site for nature photographers!

If you have any questions about the past year or our plans for the future feel free to ask, we try to be transparent as possible!


Can’t wait for the following year.
NPN is the best site I’ve discovered in years. So much good people and good content will definitely make this site a growing reference.
Thank you all.


David, the idea of an NPN Symposium sounds terrific (although a lot of work for a small number of people).


I’m proud of the job all of you have done in revitalizing and modernizing the site - @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick as well as all the moderators and contributors who dedicate their time and expertise. I think NPN has nowhere to go but up, and it was smart to grow slowly. Nature photographers need a community like this, and I’m proud to be a part of it in some small way. I look forward to regularly and actively participating again this fall once I hit the road full time, so excuse my absence as a contributor lately while I prepare!


I will +1 @joao and @Alex_Noriega’s sentiments. Thanks to all the moderators, contributors and members! Great job @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick. Thank you for keeping NPN alive and bringing it up to date. It’s great what you are doing. It is a much-needed haven from social media and more important now than ever.


Thanks to @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick for all your efforts and making me aware of NPN! As I think back to nearly a year ago when I joined, I am very appreciative of the contribution the NPN community has made to my learning and growth as a photographer. I look forward to an exciting second year!


The very talented staff including the very strong and helpful moderators here at NPN 2 has made this a wonderful transition. NPN 1 was no doubt the launching pad for this idea that has carried on for numerous years now. Hard for me to grasp that it has already been a full year now as NPN 2. Congratulations goes out to all NPN staff, moderators, and members also on this first years milestone date with such notable success…:sunglasses:


Congratulations. I very much enjoyed the question-answer session with Sean Bagshaw. Great feature. If interested this is something I would enjoy doing as well.


I was not in the original NPN but I sure am very happy to be part of the v2.0. Even before joining NPN, I have already recognized the tremendous value of constructive critiques to my growth as a photographer. However finding an online community to do that is not easy. I have participated in a few online forums where they just stroke each other ego or bash others who do not belong to their group. My experience in NPN has not been like that. I thank the moderators to make this place continue to feel like home.

I shoot both landscape and wildlife and I am really happy to hear that there is a vision to grow categories outside of Landscape. And yes, I would love to attend an NPN symposium in the future. These are really solid plans and I am looking forward to seeing these come to fruition. Cheers to many more years!


First, I want to thank @Jim_Erhardt & Donna for birthing NPN1 and growing it and then thank @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick for having the vision and commitment to scoop it up, transform it and revitalize it into the wonderful venue it is today. I’ve been with NPN since 2005 or 06 and have learned much and made some fantastic friends here. I think a symposium would be a fantastic idea! I love the idea of the AMAs too. While I’m thanking folks, allow me to add my thanks to all of the NPN Moderators too for the largely thankless job they perform. It’s been a very fast year and I think all of us are very grateful for the 2nd chance we have to keep learning, sharing, and enjoying NPN. Happy Birthday!!


Congratulations Whoaaa! and yes mega-thanks to you and moderators for their time and thoughtful comments. I don’t post very much but I read a lot of the comments and learn a lot from them. Articles and AMA are a big plus also. Great first AMA :+1: Your ideas for future grow sound terrific. Looking forward to continuted growth and building community.

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Great stuff!! Really happy to have this network! :slight_smile:

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It brings Donna and I great joy to see NPN continue to flourish. Our sincere thanks to David and Jennifer for their effort, and to all of the NPN members and moderators who have always made NPN a great place for nature photographers.

Congratulations on the anniversary!


What a great milestone. I love what you have done to build upon the foundation and community Jim built.

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I used to visit the old site when I first started in digital photography. I liked seeing what more experienced photographers were doing. After a couple years break I broke out my camera and was pleased to find this new site. The moderators do a great job. I feel Being a paying member of this site makes me a better photographer. Happy Anniversary.

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Congrats on the Anniversary! Well deserved celebration should occur. I feel like I have been lurking around here for many years (old version and new). Despite the fact that I have not posted too much … I have been inspired by each and every one of you. Not just for the amazing images, but for your passion for the industry and the desire to see things better! Thanks NPN for being here, and for providing a place like few others can!

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Congratulations and a huge Thank You to David and Jennifer! Jim and Donna had an excellent vision and created a great community, and the renewed vision and dedication of David and Jennifer in remaking the site has really transformed it into a top-tier site. Again, Thank You!

I also want to echo @Bill_Chambers remark about the thankless job of the moderators. It is obvious you all put in a ton of time and energy into the site. Your dedication and truly helpful comments are greatly appreciated!

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Wow, it’s been a year already! Time flies when you’re having fun they say… :smile:

I can only echo what’s already been said. A huge Thank You to @David_Kingham and @Jennifer_Renwick for taking and re-lighting the torch of NPN. And we will be eternally grateful to @Jim_Erhardt, Jim and Donna for their vision and dedication for all these years.

Looking forward to continued growth of NPN. It’s such a great community of people.



A year? Wow! Time’s fun when your having flies, if you’re a frog.

Never mind. :smile:

I have seen lots of changes in NPN since I joined in 2002 It’s been a good time, and I have learned a great deal–a tribute to the members, and the moderators for making this place such a great place.

Here’s a toast to another great year! :+1:

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