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Dave Kelly

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Talk about appointment television. TK Fridays refers to the TK8 Plug-in for Photoshop which can be a daunting set of buttons, actions and crazy masking options when you first get it. Aside from the excellent video guide made by Sean Bagshaw, Dave Kelly’s video channel with TK Fridays has been key to my understanding and proficiency with the panel. Dave’s teaching style is results-driven and less philosophical than many editing instructors. He uses a combination of stock photos, subscriber contributed images and his own work to demonstrate techniques and methods. I have watched videos for Topaz and other Adobe products and those are fun and informative, too. If you’re new to a particular software the channel will help you. Or for the TK8 panel, tune in for TK Fridays - you will be rewarded.

But don’t take my word for it:

Recently Tony Kuyper gave Dave some much-deserved kudos on his Good Light Journal where he talks about his relationship with the video channel and how sometimes even he learns a thing or two -


Coming back in to post a link to Dave’s most recent video because it explores some more esoteric features of the TK8 panel including a masking method I’ve never used. Thought it might be useful in a different way to the normal editing videos. This is part 1 with part 2 coming next Friday -

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A 30 minute or so tutorial that will help folks get a handle on the difference between a luminosity mask and a zone mask. Also color and vibrance/saturation masks are in there. Some tips on when to use which to get the precision you need -

Another tutorial from Dave that I though was especially interesting because it deals with Saturation Painting, something I didn’t have a good handle on -