New Sean Bagshaw Luminosity Mask Videos

Hey, I’m wondering if there are any other photographers out there who are new to luminosity masks that may be considering purchasing the new videos from Sean Bagshaw. I was wondering if there may be a group interested in discussing what we are picking up and working on things together a bit!

I am not new to TK luminosity masks, I have been using them extensively for a number of years. However I highly recommend the Sean Bagshaw videos, he does a a great job, he is thorough , and goes at a good pace. If you are relatively new to LM’s, your timing is good, Sean just released a LM’s Masterclass video set that ties into TK V7.2. So we finally have a comprehensive video series that uses the most current version of TK. For awhile Tony was putting out TK version updates faster than Seans videos could keep up with. I just purchased the latest video set today, and haven’t watched it yet . But I am sure it is up the standards of his previous videos, which are excellent. And BTW, Tony Kuyper himself is an NPN member, and sometimes posts his images in Landscape Critique.

@David_Wallace I think you may want to contact David Kingham (the owner of NPN) directly and ask him about your idea for a group. NPN does not have formal groups per se. You could always do it as a single Discussion post, but see if David has any other suggestions.

Sean’s videos are always excellent. In his introduction to this series of videos, he states that it is not for Photoshop beginners, and he assumes you already know how to use the TK panels. He does do a quick review of using some of the panels, but if you are a beginner to using luminosity masks he recommends first watching his TK 7 Video guide and his TK quick tip tutorials on his YouTube channel. You can find his Video guides at:
and his YouTube videos if you just go to YouTube and search by his name.

@Ed_McGuirk Thanks for that, if even some one as skilled and experienced as yourself is purchasing these then it makes me think it would make sense for me as well. I am comfortable with what the tool does, I need to get better at determining why I am doing something and having a more coherent processing strategy! I was thinking of just running it as one ongoing thread, but there may be other options. I’m also interested in what other processing tutorials people have found helpful.

@Tony_Siciliano thank you, I have been following his YouTube channel for the 6 mo. I have been diving into landscape/nature photography. When I decided to really learn Photoshop I used a few of his tutorials to get me started, it really sped up the learning process.

Great idea David. I have Sean’s new video series as well and it’s extremely good, as you would expect from Sean. As for discussing here on NPN, feel free to start a new post here in the discussion category to get things rolling. I think specific thoughts or questions would be the most effective to get more people engaged. I don’t think a specific group or category is needed per se. You can add a tkpanel tag (which I added to this post for you) to keep it organized.

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Thanks for that, David. I think you are right, specific questions is probably the best way to go. I haven’t purchased it yet but it is likely in my future.

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Just used it, thank you!

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@David_Wallace I just saw this thread. I think luminosity mask discussion groups using the tkpanel tag is a great idea! As you go, feel free to tag me directly anytime I might be able to help out or clarify something. I get email digests from NPN so even if I’m not on the network I’ll eventually get the message and jump in when I can. I provide as much support to folks as I can via email, but NPN is a perfect community venue for group learning.

Thanks everyone for the good words.


@Sean_Bagshaw Thanks man! I will be sure to do that. I just got everything downloaded and hoping to start watching this evening. Hopefully we can all share some tricks we are picking up along the way.

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