Is this a photography How To book you'd be interested in?

Over the summer you may have seen that I was pretty active in the image critique section. At the same time I was working on this book idea, A Photographer’s Guide to Composition.

I’ve been studying composition pretty heavily for the past few years and I never found a resource that I felt that laid it out well.

Even worse were some of the articles that I read the author would try and force a Fibonacci spiral into an image that, well, didn’t have any spiraling elements in it!

Composition is hotly debated in the photography community and perhaps that’s because it’s so misunderstood? I don’t know the answer to that but I do know that composition has been studied for centuries.

Check out my Kickerstarter page for the book and let me know, is this a resource that you’d want?

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It looks like a fine book on the subject for someone starting to get serious about photography.