Recommendations and discussion on books, art, and literature

Would a corner in the website dedicated to books, art, and literature that helped you become a better photographer be welcome?


Sounds like a great idea, Igor. I would use it.

Definitely a great ideia.

I would really enjoy this, it may even be cool to do some sort of monthly chat around a specific topic, article, or resource. I’m looking to expand my photo book collection, just had a new one delivered today!

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We could do it here and I could keep a list on LibraryThing that would have lots of rich information including reviews (when available) and links to purchase.

Great idea!

Wow, for the 1st time I limited my rambling comments to a few words, and I get a message to add more. ;>)

Agree, a great idea.

Great idea Igor.

Just as long as no one recommends Bob Ross videos, I’ve had my fill of happy little trees :grin:

That’s a great idea, Igor.

A great idea, and I hope contrarian comments would be welcome for any such recommendations. How could a tree be happy these days?

Great idea as well. Like the resources and monthly chat topic mentioned.

I’m assuming this is the place to share printed & electronic literature we find helpful.

First, a couple of books;

“The Digital Negative - Raw Image Processing in Lightroom, Camera Raw, and Photoshop.” - Schewe, Jeff, Peachpit Press, ( 2013.

The book is available in both hard copy and eBook. It’s an in-depth discussion of digital negatives from sensor capture to fundamental and advanced processing. Workflow, image organization, multiple images, black & white conversion, focus stacking, HDR, and panoramic stitching as also covered. It’s well written and provides clear illustrations of the processes.

There is a 2nd edition eBook published in 2015. This publisher has an extensive array of photographic/software books.

Michael Freeman has a series of books by Focal Press - The Perfect Exposure, The Photographers Eye, The Photographers Eye: A Graphic Guide, and more. The guides are exceptionally well written and have superb illustrations of the subjects being discussed. I’ve found that the best place to find this series is Amazon. Some of the books have been updated, so make sure you are getting the most recent version.

I prefer electronic media, so I subscribe to electronic magazines. My favorite is a newsletter format - L’Oeil de la Photographie.

The newsletter comes daily as an email, and it’s accessible to a degree. The free version is limited - the articles are truncated. A subscription gives access to the full articles and an extensive website.

It is strictly an arts magazine covering a wide range of photography genres.

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@David_Kingham, Do you agree with the above ideas?

Thanks for the idea and bringing this to my attention Igor! I love the idea of not only having a list, but the monthly discussion could be very powerful and fun, a sort of book of the month club where everyone reads the same book and discusses. Let me mull over some ideas on how to best implement this and I can get something set up fairly quickly. Keep the ideas coming and I’ll make this happen!

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@David_Kingham, I’m not sure its best to structure it monthly, given the freedom from time constraints in web media – visit when you have time and come back when you feel like it. Maybe each suggestion could be a separate topic with its own discussion thread, similar to posting an image. But some topics could be started by a book or article or video, and others might be more generic, such as B/W processing or the use of blending modes or the like. Those would be “messier” by nature.

Maybe a monthly “salon” could be an accompanying feature.

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Maybe create tags in the list for some of the categories. Personally I’m less interested in processing than in art and composition. Maybe use tags to categorize such things.


@Igor_Doncov Categories is a splendid idea.

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Yes, it is a good idea

This is live now, you can find it under Learning With Experts > Resources, or click here Latest Learning with Experts/Resources topics - Nature Photographers Network

Please add to this list and leave reviews! If anyone would like to moderate this category and be responsible for a monthly reading discussion please let me know! If you have any suggestions for this I am all ears.

Yes, I value reviews and suggestions of photography books.

Certainly, Intimate Landscapes is Eliot Porter’s most popular book, but it’s not a reasonable suggestion for purchase at several hundred dollars per copy if one can find it. It is an excellent library book. There are a number of other books of Porter’s that capture the essence of intimate landscape well.

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