Tutorial and Learning Recommendations

Hello All,

I was paging through the site and couldn’t find anything related to Tutorial discussions. I’m always interested in learning something new which is why I joined NPN. obviously the site has tons of great content and talented photographers to learn from.

I suppose what I’m looking for is advanced tutorials or maybe books (preferably ebooks) that go beyond the scope of beginner techniques. As of now I have tutorials from Adam Block, Enrico Fossati, Greg Benz, Marco Grassi, Mark Metternich, Nick Page , Peter Zelinka, Sean Bagshaw (Printing), and Ryan Dyar. All of them have their strengths and I learned a ton! I’m also about to finish one of Alister Benns ebooks and bought a few more which I’m really enjoying.

I have been becoming more interested in color theory, composition, and advanced processing in photoshop. One day I will attend an out of Acadia workshop which is a bucket list item. Another aspiration would be a mentorship. I would love to attend workshops however they can be pricey. NPN, tutorials, and books are more obtainable right now for me.

Has anyone seen Marc Adums’s “Artistic Philosophy?” which seems to be an interesting concept.

So I’m interested in hearing what other people are doing as far as self education.

Thank you!

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Here’s some more advanced ones that I would recommend. Ted Gore has a great one on color theory.


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Very Nice! Between the site and these I won’t have enough time in the day. THANK YOU!

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Hi Brett!

On top of the resources mentioned by @David_Kingham I would also add few names:

  • Elia Locardi
  • Daniel Kordan
  • Joshua Snow

I learned a ton from all of them. :slight_smile:


I will also check them out. Thank you!

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I’ve spent a lot of money and watched a lot of videos over the years. Those Eric Bennett “Tools of the Trade” videos are some of the best I’ve seen.
The Ted Gore color theory video is really interesting too. Too bad Adobe pulled the color wheel from Ps.

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I will make sure I look at those first. thank you!

You can still get a color wheel: From the Menu: Window / Color
Then use the hamburger menu to choose Color Wheel:

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Mark have you seen the Ted Gore composition video? @Mark_Eley

I haven’t. Worth checking out?

@Mark_Eley i grabbed an Eric Bennett tutorial to check out especially since he has a nice Black Friday promo going on.

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In regards to the original post and the question about the Marc Adamus videos, I would say they are interesting, but I would prioritize going through the videos and ebooks that @David_Kingham suggested first.

I will echo @Mark_Eley that Eric Bennett’s Tools of the Trade series is great. I’ve enjoyed all of his videos.

Thanks! I got the Eric Bennett’s tools of the trade which are very good. I also got Ted Gore’s composition which is excellent. Once I’m done I would probably consider the color theory for him as well. Lots of great stuff here.

I’ve been a member here for less than a week. I’ve been out in a ‘desert’ since the start of the pandemic in terms of improving and expanding my photography. With some trepidation I share this: Working backwards: I contacted Alex Noriega recently in the past week about the skills needed for his new tutorial series. I told him I was a bit challenged by Photoshop, even after some study and practice with Adobe books and YouTube videos. He pointed me to Sean Bagshaw. So now I’m on my way with one of his tutorials. I watched Sean Bagshaw’s talk on Nick Stover’s Nature Photography website a few weeks ago. The speaker series open my eyes as I watched them do post process in real time and with chat, and you get a downloadable copy of the talk to keep. The other speaker was David Kingham. His talk has been a pivot point for me. His approach to pushing sliders in Light Room grounded me some by watching his discussion of one of the great American landscape painter, Albert Bierstadt, works in the Smithsonian. (I’ve seen the discussed painting personally, and it is huge and magnificent!) The Out of Chicago/Yosemite/Whatever series is huge. I did Out of Yosemite workshop just prior to the pandemic. It was really educational and inspiring. Pricey? Yes, yet worth it. The online resources mentioned are really worthwhile and affordable. I plan continue to do them while I save for the on-site workshops.

Hi Andre - glad that you shared your experience, no trepidation needed! I’ve found Sean’s tutorials, both free and paid, very useful. Sure, free stuff exists, but sometimes you get what you pay for, to use an old saying. I find that NPN can function as an extension to any workshop in that all the photos you didn’t discuss with your instructors can be discussed, evaluated and critiqued here.

Hi @Andre_Goforth thanks for the info and adding to the thread. I’m sure others want to hear other recommendations. I think you can’t go wrong Sean Bagshaw he built a great reputation with his tutorials and images. I have his printing tutorial and I would say it’s super thorough and at a slow pace. YouTube has everything but you have to piece it all together. In my option starting with something like Sean’s tutorials (or others) for a foundation then using YouTube to find answers to questions you may have. I would also add Nick Page in there since his start with some basics and have an artistic approach.

I recently purchased Ted Gores composition tutorial but have to finished it. What I have finished so far it has image examples then goes into processing. Which is where I’m at now. I highly recommend this tutorial. It has me thinking of the scene in front of me differently.

Next I will get Ted Gores color tutorial and Marc Adamus artistic philosophy.

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Thanks a bunch! Saw Nick Page in speaker series in the past couple of months on Nick Stover’s website. It was bit fast for me. But I am confident I’ll get up to leverage it now I’ve got the right kind of basic tutorials. I will check out Ted Gores too and Marcus Adamus. Plenty to work with. Yea, the YouTube scene is kinda wonky and one can’t tell which version of software is being used. One really needs a background in color theory - like me! It is implicit in the implementation of the apps of LRC n PS. But, with zero knowledge of what you learn/don’t remember in elementary school left me like trying to do calculus without algebraic skills.

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@Andre_Goforth I think it’s important to note that there are different perspectives of processing which range from the natural or realist to artistic and everywhere in between. Nick Page in my opinion could lean towards the artistic approach. Either way I would say his tutorials are for the beginners.
If I could recommend anything to a person learning processing is to learn photoshop. Hands down It is the most powerful tool out there.