Just Reeds

Blairs Loch, Moray, Scotland

At the edge of a small manmade lochan in Forres a reed bed bursting with life, Reed Mace, and Yellow Flag Iris. I found these delicate overlapping shape of leaves and shoots reflected in the surface of the water. I loved its monochromatic simplicity and odd graphic yet some how cohesive composition and isolated the best bits with a long zoom lens. I am very pleased with the results, not sure anyone else will greet it quite so enthusiastically though.


It is appealing, in that odd way. It’s almost abstract because it feels flattened. But we can clearly see the subjects - that makes is sort of surreal.

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Wow this is really nice, Ian. That lower right complex of leaves bothers me a lot though with the intersection w/ the other reed… I don’t know why it is bothering me. Maybe others will find it interesting though… overall this is a really well-executed image though!

Wonderfully creative image, Ian. I also like the graphic quality that you mentioned. I agree with Matt that the intersection in the LRC bothers me a little, but since it’s the one element that adds a sense of depth, it also creates an interesting visual paradox within the image.

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