One positive that came out of covid, I got a lot more familiarized with the plant life in my own backyard. I was drawn to this closeup of a blooming dill, the radiating pattern subtly enriched by the flowers in the background.

Specific Feedback Requested

Any and all feedback, please :slight_smile:

Technical Details

1/1000sec, f/3.5, ISO125, 105mm (prime).
Uncropped, basic adjustments in Lightroom


I think this is fantastic! The colors and subtle shapes in the background really enhance the image. And it is both powerful (in the lines) and subtle (in the tones and areas of soft focus) at once.

Hi Fritz – This is lovely! I am glad that you were able to expand your activities to include photographing your yard since photos like this make great additions to your portfolio. I think this overall works very nicely. The processing looks good to me and I love the mix of soft colors.

The only thing I’ll comment on is the focus point. I think I’d like to see the center either a bit sharper or a bit softer. Here, it feels a little in between sharp and soft. That is not a huge deal but I thought I would mention it since this is a critique. I would probably go in and soften it a bit here to make the details a bit more ambiguous. I might also experiment with shifting the hue of the peachy section in the background to see what it would look like as a little closer to the yellowy-greens in the background. I don’t think there is a right answer—just offering that for a point of experimentation since doing so could simplify the color palette in a positive way. Thanks for sharing!

Thank you for taking the time to do the guest-critique, Sarah; really appreciate that!

Thank you also for the thoughts on the photo. I did soften the center, and all the “spikes” that were in sharper focus; reduced the yellow, orange and purple saturation ; brought up the hue in the peach colors to more yellow/green, and brought up the luminance in both the orange and purple, aiming for a softer overall feel. I rather like it, but hope I did not overdo it :slightly_smiling_face:


Thank you very much, Amy!

I think your last batch of changes look good Fritz, especially softening the peachy color in the background. I think both work well as visually appealing photos but I think I have a slight personal preference for the softer second version.