Kebler Fall Sunset

This image was captured just before sunset. Compositionally I didn’t feel like it was that great as it’s hard to find a clear view of the valley, but the intention was to capture the vastness of the Aspen grove.

What technical feedback would you like if any?


What artistic feedback would you like if any?


Any pertinent technical details:

Single exposure except for the sky which was taken at -2 EV and blended in.

Fujifilm X-T2
32mm | f/11 | 1/9sec | ISO 200

You may only download this image to demonstrate post-processing techniques.

It looks like a really fine shot to me with just the right balance of lighting for the lighting you have. Some might take issue with the brightness of your sun star but not me I like it the way it is and can imagine seeing it this way for myself. Very well done I am surprised others haven’t yet commented

Looking back at it I’d say you’re probably right about the sun star being too hot. I suppose there was a flood of new images, or my title was too boring :wink:

You might try cropping a little bit of the sky out to focus more on the aspens.

Ummm…I’ve heard great things about that Fujifilm X-T2. This image certainly is quite nice as is. Rather than provide a very detailed narrative and what you could play around with, I downloaded it and provided some edits you could ponder.
First thing is lower exposure of sky which then brought out the subtle sun rays in the sky. I also used some color balance adjustment to push the sky more toward blue/magenta. Also, slightly reduced the blue in the distant haze.
Anywho, just some ideas.

@Ken_Henke It’s a nice camera, but lucky for us there are lots of good ones these days! I like what you did with the sky to bring down the exposure and really covered a lot more detail that I thought was left in it. The color shift looks nice as well and complements the rest of the image. Appreciate you taking the time to tweak the edit!

Zach, this is a fantastic composition. I would agree with @Ken_Henke regarding the “blues” in the background. Maybe lighten these up a bit, but not too much. Really looking at the photo, you have captured the scene well as it comes to a point toward the middle of the photo down the valley and into the starburst sun. Capturing the starburts is always tricky without washing out the entire photo with a lot of light.

Depending on the angle and Point of view, could you have moved a little more left and captured the valley the left lower corner looking west? You have the rule of thirds and several leading lines (diagnonally and horizontally). Well captured.

@Todd_Grivetti Thanks for the feedback - I agree there’s too much blue in the shadows of the mountain. Regarding PoV, I was shooting through a small gap in the scrub brush so I was very limited to framing aside from zoom & crop in post.